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Last updated on 2011/03/26

Midwest Wrestling Association
World Heavyweight Title

John Pesek 1931/03/26Columbus, OH
Defeats Marin Plestina; defeats Joe Stecher on 32/01/01 in Columbus, OH and claims to be world champion; wins Kansas City version of world title by defeating Everett Marshall on 32/05/16 after their first match ended with a no contest on 32/04/11; Pesek drops the title claim in 33 when he starts wrestling for Jim Londos group.
Everett Marshall 1935/07/03  
Regning world champion in Colorado, recognized by MWA; also defeats title claimant Ali Baba on 36/06/26 in Columbus, OH.
Ray Steele 1937/02/05 Columbus, OH
Awarded title on a reversed decvision; Marshall is still recognized in Illinois, Indiana, and Kansas.
Everett Marshall [2] 1937/03
Again recognized as champion after Steele is injured in a car accident on 37/03/11.
Lou Thesz # 1937/12/29 St. Louis, MO
Defeats Marshall for the title but is not recognized by MWA in Ohio.
John Pesek [2] 1938/08
Has defended NWA title since 37/11; recognized as MWA champion after being stripped of the NWA title on 38/08/17; stripped on 40/06/15.
Orville Brown 1940/06/27Columbus, OH
Defeats Dick Shikat.
Ed "Strangler" Lewis 1942/12/03Columbus, OH
John Pesek [3]1943/01/28Columbus, OH
Vacant in 49; Pesek's final defence is on 48/12/16.
Don Eagle1950/08/31Columbus, OH
Defeats Gorgeous Geroge for AWA (Boston) title, often billed as MWA champion in Ohio.

* See AWA World Heavyweight Title.