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Last updated on 2016/05/22

World Light Heavyweight Title
[Los Angeles]

Jack Dodd * 1906  
Said to be recognized in California until retiring as champion in 13.
Dan McLeod 1913/05/24<
Pleasant Smith 1913/12/30 Imperial, CA
Still/again champion as of 15/02/10.
John Berg 1918/05/01<  
Claims title by disputing Ad Santel's claim for not making the 170lb limit.
Jack Harbertson 1918/05/21 Ogden, UT
Ad Santel 1919/01/08 Ogden, UT
Has been recognized in Northern California since 1915 or 1916; recognized in Bakersfield, CA as late as 22/06/28.
Clarence Eklund 1922/10<
Pete Sauer 1922/10/09 Santa Paula, CA
Loses to Ted Thye on 23/01/24 in Portland, OR.
Ad Santel [2] 1924/02/06<  
Recognized in Ukiah, CA.
Clarence Eklund [2] 1928/11/20 Melbourne, AUS
Wins tournament to become the undisputed champion, defeating Ted Thye in the final and Ad Santel in earlier round; declared vacant by the National Wrestling Association when Eklund declines invitation to participate in tournament in 30.
Hugh Nichols1930/04/04Cincinnati, OH
Defeats Joe Banaski in NBA World Light Heavyweight Wrestling Championship tournament final; Frank Wolf defeats Nichols in 33/03 in Dallas, TX; NBA claims Nichols was fouled and continues to recognize him as champion although they do sanction the rematch in 33/07 in Oklahoma City, OK, where Nichols defeats Wolf.
Leroy McGuirk1934/03/05Tulsa, OK
Ted Christy1936/01/13Hollywood, CA
Leroy McGuirk [2]1936
Bobby Chick1936/12Tulsa, OK
Hugh Nichols [2] 1937/04/28Oklahoma City, OK
Red Berry1937/05/31Tulsa, OK
Danny McShain1937/10/11Hollywood, CA
Leroy McGuirk [3]1938/05/16Tulsa, OK
Danny McShain [2]1938/12/05Hollywood, CA
Jesse James1939/03/06Hollywood, CA
Defeats NWA world champion Danny McShain by disqualification in the third fall; NWA continues to recognize McShain while California Athletic Commission recognizes James.
Karl Gray1939/06/12Hollywood, CA
Red Berry [2]1939/07
Karl Gray [2]1939/08/07Hollywood, CA
Red Berry [3]1939/08/28Hollywood, CA
Jesse James [2] 1939/09/25Hollywood, CA
Bob Gregory1939/12/11Hollywood, CA
Jesse James [3]1940/01/08Hollywood, CA
Danny McShain [3]1940/01/15Hollywood, CA
Unified with NWA Title.
Jesse James [4] 1940/03/13 Tulsa, OK
Red Berry [4] 1940/09/02 Hollywood, CA
Paavo Katonan 1941/08/04 Hollywood, CA
Danny McShain [4] 1941/08/25 Hollywood, CA
Red Berry [5] 1941/09/01 Hollywood, CA
Billy Varga 1941/12/01 Hollywood, CA
Red Berry [6] 1941/12/22 Hollywood, CA
Billy Raborn 1942/08/24 Tulsa, OK
Billy Varga [2] 1943/03/22 Hollywood, CA
Gorilla Ramos 1943/04/26 Hollywood, CA
Red Berry [7] 1943/10/11 Hollywood, CA
Gray Mask 1943/12/27 Hollywood, CA
Gorilla Ramos [2] 1944/03/13 Hollywood, CA
Gray Mask [2] 1944/03/27 Hollywood, CA
Red Berry [8] 1944/04/24 Hollywood, CA
Dick Trout 1944/12/11 Hollywood, CA
Danny McShain [5] 1945/01/22 Hollywood, CA
Dick Trout [2] 1945/03/26 Hollywood, CA
Danny McShain [6] 1945/04/16 Hollywood, CA
Red Berry [9] 1945/09/10 Hollywood, CA
Ernie Piluso 1946/01/14 Hollywood, CA
Martino Angelo (Angelo Curto) 1946/08/19 Hollywood, CA
Dick Trout 1947/07/23 Bakersfield, CA
Danny McShain [9] 1947/08/06 Bakersfield, CA
Red Berry [8] 1947/09/02 San Diego, CA
Danny McShain [10] 1947/09/13 Visalia, CA
Red Berry [9] 1947/09/02 San Diego, CA
McShain may regain the title on 47/09/13 in Visalia, CA.
Jan Blears 1947/09/15 Phoenix, AZ
Still champion as of 48/03/18; may be vacant in California in 48/03.
Jackie Nichols 1948/03/15 Phoenix, AZ
Duke Keomuka 1948/05/24 Phoenix, AZ
Nichols is still/again billed as champion in Bakersfield, CA as of 48/06/02.

* See NWA World Light Heavyweight Title.