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Pre-1990s information last updated on 2016/06/03

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(as of 2014/02/26)

Johnny Balbo 1951/12/09<
Recognized as National Wrestling Alliance champion in Iowa; also recognized as champion in Illinois as of 52/01/08 (may not be billed as an NWA champion); Carl Engstrom defeats Balbo in what is most likely a non-title match on 52/06/28 in Chicago, IL and is billed as champion as late as 52/08/26 in some towns in Wisconsin and Iowa where Balbo is billed as a former champion; Balbo continues to be billed as champion in Des Moines, IA and Illinois.
Gypsy Joe (Frank Dorsetti) 1952/11/05 Des Moines, IA
Frank Stojack 1953/08/10 Spokane, WA
Stripped by NWA in 58 for inactivity; Stojack retires in the same year.
Moe Smith # 1958/10/29 Carson City, NV
Defeats Luigi Macera in the final of a tournament which has initially been considered for the NWA recognition but is rejected by the time it takes place; NWA gives the control of the title to EMLL; Smith continues to claim the title in Reno, NV as well as Idaho and Utah at least until 62/11/14.
Dory Dixon 1959/02/13 Mexico City, MEX
Defeats Al Kashey, contender appointed by the National Wrestling Association, to be recognized by the National Wrestling Alliance, with presidents from both organizations in attendance; some sources say that Kashey has been awarded on 57/11/30 in Tulsa, OK.
Rey Mendoza 1959/11/29 Guadalajara, Jalisco, MEX
Gory Guerrero 1960/07/30 Mexico City, MEX
Ali Bey 1963/08/06 El Paso, TX
Held up after a match against Omar Atlas on 63/09/03 in El Paso, TX.
Ali Bey [2] 1963/09/10 El Paso, TX
Wins rematch.
Gory Guerrero [2] 1963/09/24 El Paso, TX
Vacant in 66/12 when Guerrero leaves EMLL; Guerrero continues to defend the title until 72.
Rey Mendoza [2] 1967/08/04 Mexico City, MEX
Defeats Dory Dixon in tournament final.
Angel Blanco 1968/05/19 Torreon, MEX
Rey Mendoza [3] 1968/12/25 Mexico City, MEX
Carlos Elio Colisetti 1969/12/19 Mexico City, MEX
Rey Mendoza [4] 1970/03/20 Mexico City, MEX
El Solitario 1970/11/27 Mexico City, MEX
David Morgan 1972/03/17 Mexico City, MEX
Rey Mendoza [5] 1972/04/21 Mexico City, MEX
Alfonso Dantes 1972/06/13 Tijuana, MEX
Kim Sung-Ho 1973/06/29 Mexico City, MEX
Rey Mendoza [6] 1973/12/21 Los Angeles, CA
Vacant in 74/07 when Mendoza leaves to form UWA.
Dr. Wagner 1974/09/22 Mexico City, MEX
Wins tournament.
Adorable Rubi Rubaleaba 1976/02/27 Mexico City, MEX
Carlos Plata 1976/07/16 Mexico City, MEX
Alfonso Dantes [2] 1976/10/24 Guadalajara, Jalisco, MEX
Chavo Guerrero 1977/02/11 Los Angeles, CA
Roddy Piper 1977/04/13 Los Angeles, CA
Chavo Guerrero [2] 1977/04/15 Los Angeles, CA
Alfonso Dantes [3] 1977/04/21 Mexico City, MEX
El Faraon 1978/06/02 Mexico City, MEX
Pak Choo (Kengo Kimura) 1978/12/08 Mexico City, MEX
Alfonso Dantes [4] 1979/04/30 Mexico City, MEX
Raul Mata 1980/01/20 Guadalajara, Jalisco, MEX
Alfonso Dantes [5] 1980/12/15 Mexico City, MEX
Tony Salazar 1981/04/03 Mexico City, MEX
David Morgan [2] 1982/03/21 Mexico City, MEX
Mascara Año 2000 1982/04/02 Mexico City, MEX
El Faraon [2] 1982/11/16 Mexico City, MEX
Ringo Mendoza 1983/01/15 Guadalajara, Jalisco, MEX
Satanico 1983/07/28 Mexico City, MEX
Ringo Mendoza [2] 1983/10/23 Guadalajara, Jalisco, MEX
M.S.1 1985/02/13 Acapulco, MEX
Rayo de Jalisco Jr. 1985/06/21 Mexico City, MEX
M.S.1 [2] 1987/03/20 Mexico City, MEX
Cien Caras 1987/06/24 Nezahualcoyotl, MEX
Lizmark 1988/03/20 Mexico City, MEX
Fabuloso Blondie 1988/06/24 Mexico City, MEX
Lizmark [2] 1988/12/09 Mexico City, MEX
Satanico [2] 1989/07/21 Mexico City, MEX
Pirata Morgan 1989/10/21 Cuernavaca, MEX
Fabuloso Blondie [2] 1990/02/14 Mexico City, MEX
Lizmark [3] 1990/03/21 Acapulco, MEX
Satanico [3] 1990/11/26 Leon, MEX
Lizmark [4] 1991/05/01 Acapulco, MEX
Satanico [4] 1992/04/05 Mexico City, MEX
Apollo Dantes 1992/07/25 Puebla, MEX
Jacque Mate 1993/03/25 Cuernavaca, MEX
El Dandy 1994/12/04 Mexico City, MEX
Black Warrior 1996/10/15 Mexico City, MEX
Shocker 1997/05/04 Mexico City, MEX
Black Warrior [2] 1998/03/10 Mexico City, MEX
Tarzan Boy 2000/03/06 Puebla, MEX
Vampiro 2003/02/09 Guadalajara, Jalisco, MEX
Shocker [2] 2004/05/03 Puebla, MEX
Held up when Shocker no-shows the scheduled title defense against Ultimo Guerrero on 05/04/17 in Mexico City.
Dr. Wagner Jr. 2005/04/17 Mexico City, MEX
Defeats Ultimo Guerrero.
Atlantis 2005/07/22 Mexico City, MEX
Texano Jr. 2009/04/05 Guadalajara, Jalisco, MEX
CMLL renames all of its NWA World Title to NWA World Historic Title on 10/08/12.
Super Nova 2013/05/19 Blackfoot, ID
Defeats El Hijo de Rey Misterio and Lizmark Jr. in the tournament 3-way final; billed as an NWA title in Mexico but is not recognized by the NWA; still champion as of 14/02/26.

* See also NWA World Historic Light Heavyweight Title.