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Last updated on 2017/10/18

World Light Heavyweight Title

Fred Beell1908/01/04<
Billed as champion in Chicago, IL; loses to Farmer Burns on 08/03/17 in Omaha, NE but continues to claim the title in Illinois and Indiana.
Charles Olson1909/01/04Chicago, IL
Billed as champion in Indianapolis, IN as early as 08/04/30; still/again champion as of 12/08/06; no longer champion as of 16/05/17.
Americus (Gus Schoenlein) 1910/04/29 Chicago, IL
Charles Olson [2] 1912/08/06<  
No longer champion as of 16/05/17.
John Pesek1921/02/09<
Billed as champion in Chicago, IL.
Jim Londos1921/03/24<
Billed as champion in Burlington, IA.
Johnny Meyers1922/04/22<
Still champion as of 22/05/02.
Henry Stoeff1923/02/30<
Billed as champion in Manitowoc, WI.
Karl Pojello1924/02/11<
Sometime after 24/01/23.
Martin Ludecke1925/11/27<
Joe Hackensmith 1926/11/24<
Recognized in Green Bay, WI.
Karl Pojello [2]1928/07/20Chicago, IL
Defeats Johnny Meyers; still champion as of 29/05/24.
Clarence Eklund1930<
Billy Edwards1930<
Johnny Meyers [2]1931/03<
Defeats Edwards "last winter", according to Wisconsin State Journal on 31/06/24.
Jimmy Demetral1931/06/30Madison, WI
Charley Fischer1931/11/02<
Billed as champion in Chicago, IL.
Jimmy Demetral [2]1933/04/07<
Billed as champion in Manitowoc, WI.
Steve Passas1934/06/29<
Recognized in New York and New England; also billed as champion in Chicago, IL on 34/06/29.
Charley Fischer [2]1934/07/11<
Defends MWA Title in Illinois; still champion as of 35/07/17; Jack Smith is billed as champion in Wisconsin as of 34/12/12.
Walter Roxy1935/11/04Detroit, MI
May not be recognized in Illinois.
Great Mephisto1936/01/20Detroit, MI
May not be recognized in Illinois.
George Dussette1936/01/27Detroit, MI
Also recognized in Illinois; in Indiana, NWA champion Leroy McGuirk is recognized as of 36/02/06.
Bill Weidner1936/07/06Detroit, MI
Still champion as of 36/12/07.
Hugh Nichols1937/05/28<
NWA champion is recognized in Indiaina.
Billy Thom1937/08/13Columbus, OH
Defeats Billy Weidner in tournament final for the MWA Title; loses to Great Mephisto on 37/10/01 but continues to claim the title in Indiana as late as 38/06/26; in Wisconsin, Charley Fischer is again recognized as champion as of 38/03/29 at least until 39/06/01.
Billy Fox1947/09/23<
Billed as champion in Kokomo, IN.
Billy Goelz1950/05/30<
Still champion as of 51/04/25; vacates the title sometime before 51/11/21 in order to move up to the junior heavyweight division (although Goelz has previously held NWA World Junior Heavyweight Title until 49/12).
Johnny Balbo1952/01/08<
Also recognized as National Wrestling Alliance champion in Iowa as early as 51/12/09.
Gypsy Joe (Frank Dorsetti)1952/11/05Des Moines, IA
Wins NWA Title and also recognized as champion in Illinois as of 53/02/04.

* See NWA World Light Heavyweight Title.