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Last updated on 2016/06/03

National Wrestling Association
World Light Heavyweight Title

* Wrestling title of the National Boxing Association until 1930/10.

Hugh Nichols 1930/04/04 Cincinnati, OH
Defeats Joe Banaski in NBA World Light Heavyweight Wrestling Championship tournament final; Frank Wolf defeats Nichols on 33/03/08 in Dallas, TX; NBA claims Nichols was fouled and continues to recognize him as champion although they do sanction the rematch on 33/06/07 in Oklahoma City, OK, where Nichols defeats Wolf.
Leroy McGuirk 1934/03/05 Tulsa, OK
Ted Christy defeats McGuirk on 36/01/13 in Hollywood, CA and is recognized as champion in California; McGuirk continues to be recognized by NWA (McGuirk may regain the California version from Christy afterwards).
Bobby Chick 1936/12/14 Tulsa, OK
Hugh Nichols [2] 1937/04/28 Oklahoma City, OK
One report says Nichols is billed as champion in Lima, OH as of 37/05/11.
Red Berry 1937/05/31 Tulsa, OK
Danny McShain 1937/10/11 Hollywood, CA
Leroy McGuirk [2] 1938/05/16 Tulsa, OK
Danny McShain [2] 1938/12/05 Hollywood, CA
Jesse James defeats McShain by DQ in the third fall on 39/03/06 in Hollywood, CA, but McShain continues to be recognized by NWA because the title cannot change hands by DQ; James is recognized in California; McShain still recognized by NWA as of 39/12/17.
Jesse James 1940/03/13 Tulsa, OK
Red Berry [2] 1940/09/02 Hollywood, CA
Paavo Katonan 1941/08/04 Hollywood, CA
Danny McShain [3] 1941/08/25 Hollywood, CA
Red Berry [3] 1941/09/01 Hollywood, CA
Billy Varga 1941/12/01 Hollywood, CA
Red Berry [4] 1941/12/22 Hollywood, CA
Paavo Katonen # 1942/05/18 Tulsa, OK
Wins by DQ for a local recognition.
Red Berry # 1942/06/01 Tulsa, OK
Billy Raborn 1942/08/24 Tulsa, OK
Billy Varga [2] 1943/03/22 Hollywood, CA
Gorilla Ramos 1943/04/26 Hollywood, CA
Red Berry [5] 1943/10/11 Hollywood, CA
Gray Mask 1943/12/27 Hollywood, CA
Gorilla Ramos [2] 1944/03/13 Hollywood, CA
Gray Mask [2] 1944/03/27 Hollywood, CA
Red Berry [6] 1944/04/24 Hollywood, CA
Dick Trout 1944/12/11 Hollywood, CA
Danny McShain [4] 1945/01/22 Hollywood, CA
Dick Trout [2] 1945/03/26 Hollywood, CA
Danny McShain [5] 1945/04/16 Hollywood, CA
Red Berry [7] 1945/09/10 Hollywood, CA
Ernie Piluso 1946/01/14 Hollywood, CA
Martino Angelo 1946/08/19 Hollywood, CA
Danny McShain [6] 1946/09/16 Hollywood, CA
Martino Angelo [2] 1946/09/23 Hollywood, CA
Danny McShain [7] 1947/01/27 Hollywood, CA
Martino Angelo [3] 1947/02/10 Hollywood, CA
Danny McShain [8] 1947/05/05 Hollywood, CA
Red Berry [8] 1947/09/02 San Diego, CA
McShain may regain the title on 47/09/13 in Visalia, CA.
Jan Blears 1947/09/15 Phoenix, AZ
Billy Goelz is billed as NWA champion in Illinois.
Jackie Nichols 1948/03/15 Phoenix, AZ
Duke Keomuka 1948/05/24 Phoenix, AZ
Nichols is still billed as champion in Bakersfield, CA as of 48/06/02.
Jack Curtis # 1948/12/28<  
Holds Louisiana version of the world title, listed as National Wrestling Association champion in a Monroe, LA newspaper on 48/12/28.
Vacant in Texas as of 50/02/24.
Andy Tremaine 1950/04/18 El Paso, TX
Defeats Monte LaDue; declines the offer to wrestle National Wrestling Alliance champion in a unification match and retires as champion in 52.
Frank Stojack 1953/08/10 Spokane, WA
Defeats National Wrestling Alliance champion Gypsy Joe and is also recognized by the National Wrestling Association; stripped in 58 for inactivity; Stojack retires in the same year.
Moe Smith # 1958/10/29 Carson City, NV
Defeats Luigi Macera in the final of a tournament which has initially been considered for the NWA(Alliance) recognition but is rejected by the time it takes place; NWA gives the control of the title to EMLL; Smith continues to claim the title in Reno, NV as well as Idaho and Utah at least until 62/11/14.
Dory Dixon 1959/02/13 Mexico City, MEX
Defeats Al Kashey, contender appointed by the National Wrestling Association, to be recognized by the National Wrestling Alliance, with presidents from both organizations in attendance.
Rey Mendoza 1959/11/29 Guadalajara, Jalisco, MEX
Gory Guerrero 1960/07/30 Mexico City, MEX
National Wrestling Association continues to recognize the National Wrestling Alliance Title at least until the early 60s.

* See National Wrestling Alliance World Light Heavyweight Title.