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Last updated on 2017/11/07

worn by Rex Monley
World Light Heavyweight Title
[Louisiana & Mississippi]

Clarence Eklund 1925/10/20<  
Has defeated Charlie Rentrop on 23/01/26 in Sheridan, WY; recognized in Louisiana and Missisippi as of 25/10; still recognized in Natchez, MS as of 25/11/15 and 27/11/20.

Ad Santel 1926/04<  
Has defeated William Demetral on 13/01/14 in Woodward, OK; recognized in Jackson, MS as of 26/04/21; still recognized in Monroe, LA as of 27/03/31.

Hugh Nichols 1932/12/21<  
NWA champion, recognized in New Orleans, LA.

George Becker 1940/06
Billed as champion on arrival in Mississppi and Louisiana for having defeated Bill Weidner to win the title (Daily Herald, Biloxi, MS, 40/06/26).
Rex Mobley 1940/08/30 Jackson, MS
Some reports have Mobley defeating Jimmy Hefner for the title in New Orleans, LA on this date (no card in New Orleans found for this date; neither Mobley nor Hefner is mentioned for the card previous day).
Jack Curtis 1942/01/12 Birmingham, AL
Mike Chacoma 1942/03/23 Birmingham, AL
Jack Curtis [2] 1942/09/01
Billed as United States champion at least between 42/06/10 and 42/08/23; awarded the World Title back on 42/09/01 after Chacoma refuses to wrestle Curtis in rematch; still chamion as of 43/02/21; Chacoma continues to be recognized in Tennessee and Alabama.
Leroy McGuirk 1943/07<
Also holds World Junior Heavyweight Title.
Jack Steele 1943/08/13<
Recognized as champion in Jackson, MS as of 43/08/13; billed as champion for having defeteated McGuirk, who has defeated Jack Curtis (Hattiesburg American, 43/09/20); in Louisiana, McGurik is still billed as champion in 48/09, but by 44/01/02, Steele is billed as champion for winning the title from McGuirk, who has defeated Jack Curtis (The Monroe News-Star, 44/03/30); held up after a match between Steele and Sailor Allen Parker on 44/01/06 in Monroe, LA.
Jack Steele [2] 1944/01/13 Monroe, LA
Defeats Parker in rematch.
Sailor Allen Parker 1944/05/26 Jackson, MS
Jack Steele [3] 1944/07/27 Monroe, LA
Jack Curtis [3] 1945/02/02Jackson, MS
Jack Steele [4] 1945/06/19 New Orleans, LA
Jack Curtis [4] 1945/06/26 New Orleans, LA
Rex Mobley [2]1946/07/26Jackson, MS
Jack Curtis [5] 1946/10/18 Jackson, MS
Bill Canny 1947/03/14Jackson, MS
Rex Mobley [3] 1947/03/19Jackson, MS
Jack Curtis [6] 1947/03/28Jackson, MS
Charlie Laye [2] 1947/10/31Jackson, MS
Rex Mobley [4] 1948/04/02Jackson, MS
Jack Curtis [7] 1948/06/21Shreveport, LA
Balk Estes 1949/09/30Jackson, MS
Bobby Segura1950/05/18Pensacola, FL
Jack Curtis [8]1950/07/25Monroe, LA
Buff Serois1951/02CA *
"About two weeks ago" (The Monroe News-Star, Monroe, LA, 51/02/19).
Rex Mobley [5]1951/05/22Monroe, LA
Buff Serois [2] 1951/06/18Shreveport, LA
Henry Harrell1951/06/25Shreveport, LA
Sugy Hayamaka1951/11/23Jackson, MS
Jack McDonald1952/01/21Shreveport, LA
Jack Curtis [9]1952/05/19Shreveport, LA
Jack McDonald [2]1952/06/03Shreveport, LA
Mighty Scott1952/07/14Shreveport, LA
Henry Harrell [2] 1952/09/22Shreveport, LA
Rex Mobley [6]1952/10/14Monroe, LA
Still champion as of 52/12/28 and 53/03/24; former champion and 53/09/11.