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California State Light Heavyweight Title

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P.A. Mullikan1933<
Steve Strelich1933/04/03Pasadena, CA
P.A. Mullikan [2]1933/09/18Pasadena, CA
Jack Morgan1933/11/21Marysville, CA
Defeats Flash Kelly.
Abe Kaufman1934/03/29San Francisco, CA
Defeats Louie Miller.
Vacant in 37/08<.
Dory Detton1937/09/02Modesto, CA
Defeats Danny Russo.
Joe Parelli1937/09San Francisco, CA
Jesse James1939/03/06Hollywood, CA
Defeats World champion Danny McShain via DQ and is reocognized by the State Athletic Commission as California champion.
Karl Gray1939/06/12Hollywood, CA
Red Berry1939/07/24<
Karl Gray [2]1939/08/07Hollywood, CA
Red Berry [2]1939/08/28Hollywood, CA
Jesse James [2]1939/09/25Hollywood, CA
Bob Gregory1939/12/11Hollywood, CA
Still champion as of 39/12/18.
George Wagner1942/05/08Santa Monica, CA
Defeats Red Berry.

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