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Last updated on 2011/03/26

Midwest Wrestling Association
World Light Heavyweight Title

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Joe Banaski31/01/01Columbus, OH
Defeats Nick Bozinis to become first champion.
Marion Mynster31/09/16Columbus, OH
Disputed decision; Banaski continues to defend title in Cleveland, OH.
John Kilonis31/10<
Disputed decision; Mynster continues to claim title.
Joe Banaski [2]31/10/20Cleveland, OH
Kilonis continues to defend in Columbus, OH where Mynster also claims title; defeats Mynster on 32/02/03 in Columbus, OH (may be a non-title match).
Pinky Gardner32/02/12Columbus, OH
Has also defeated Kilonis for the title on 32/02/03 in Camden, NJ.
Ray Carpenter33/03/17Schenectady, NY
Joe Banaski [3]33/06/06Columbus, OH
Charley Fischer34/02/28Columbus, OH
Also defeats claimant Pinky Gardner on 34/03/21 in Columbus, OH; Banaski continues to defend the title in Charlotte, NC until losing to Fischer on 34/04/04.
Walter Roxey35/11/04Detroit, MI
Great Mephisto36/01/01Dayton, OH
George Dussette36/01/27Detroit, MI
Billy Weidner36/07/06Detroit, MI
Charley Fischer [2]37/01/28Columbus, OH
Vacant in 37/06 upon retirement.
Billy Thom37/08/13Columbus, OH
Great Mephisto [2]37/10/01Columbus, OH
Billy Weidner [2]37/11/09Dayton, OH
Frankie Talaber38/03/30Columbus, OH
Billy Weidner [3]38/09/30Columbus, OH
Great Mephisto [3]39/01/12Columbus, OH
Billy Weidner [4] 39/02/21Dayton, OH
Repeated on 39/03/08 in Columbus, OH and on 39/03/17 in Akron, OH.
Dory Detton39/05/04Columbus, OH
Frankie Talaber [2]39/06/15Columbus, OH
Stacey Hall39/12/08Columbus, OH
Vacant in 40/05 when Hall moves up to junior heavyweight division.
Great Mephisto [4] 40/05/15 Cleveland, OH
Defeats Morris Shapiro.
Billy Weidner [5] 40  
Great Mephisto [5] 40/11/08 Akron, OH
Buddy Knox40/12/13Akron, OH
Vacant in 41.
Dave Reynolds41/12/23Dayton, OH
Defeats Buzz Jones in tournament final.
Stacey Hall [2]42/07/21Dayton, OH
Dave Reynolds [2]42/08/04Dayton, OH

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