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Last updated on 2011/09/05

American Middleweight Title

Ed Atherton 1895/01/25
Defeats Pete Schumacher; still/again champion as of 1902/02/10.
Frank Coleman 1903/10/01<
Ed Atherton [2] 1906/05<
Jim Barnes 1906/05/29 Springfield, MA
George McLaughlin 1907/04/04<
Americus (Gus Schoenlein) 1908/04/08Baltimore, MD
Defeats Fred Beell.
Waino Ketonen 1917/02/24<
Billy Schoeber 1920/02<
Recognized as United States Middleweight Title.
Paul Bowser 1920/02/19 Newark, OH
Has also claimed the title before the match and defeats Schoeber to end the dispute.

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