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Last updated on 2017/01/17

Pacific Coast Middleweight Title
[California / British Columbia]

Samuel Matthews 1885/09/18<
Billed as Pacific Coast Graeco-Roman Middleweight Champion in Sacramento, CA.
Peter Schumacher 1886/09/04<
Claims the Graeco-Roman Title in Sacramento, CA.

Boris Boyd 1905/03/24 Vancouver, BC
Defeats Ahmed the Terrible Turk.
Billy Murdock 1906/09/06 Vancouver, BC
Defeats Ralph Johnston (or defends the title on this day).
Young Hackenschmidt 1910/02/27<  
Recognized in California.
George Walker 1910/11<  
James Crawford # 1910/11/29 San Francisco, CA
George Walker # 1911/06/19  
Reinstated when Crawford is suspended and the title change is voided (at least in Vancouver, BC); also holds Canadian Middleweight, British Columbia Heavyweight and Middleweight titles; still the Pacific Coast Middleweight champion as of 11/07/06.
Jim Crawford 1911/01/09<  
Tony Ajax 1913/06/23 Los Angeles, CA
Still/again champion as of 15/08/12; in Northern Califonia, Joe Mendoca, the state champion, is often billed as Pacific Coast champion in 13/05 and 13/06, probably by defeating John Sattler on 13/02/21 in Hayward, CA.
George Samson 1917/01/07<  
Still champion as of 17/11/06.
Jack Turner 1919/07/18 Vancouver, BC
Defeats Pete Doerksen.
Frank Vance 1920/03/30<  
Recognized in British Columbia.
Al Karasick 1921/06/14 Oakland, CA
Defeats Douglas Park; still champion as of 22/06/17.
Karl Martin 1934/07/19<  
Recognized in British Columbia.