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"Matmen must post forfeit for sanction"

Associated Press, Friday, January 31, 1930

CINCINNATI -- Midnight tomorrow is the last hour the 19 wrestlers declared eligible by the National Boxing Association can enter a sanctioned tournament for world's titles.

Ten of them have qualified and posted forfeits ranging from $2,500 to $5,000, Stanley M. Isaacs, president of the N.B.A., announced today.

Isaacs said all not entering by the time limit will be indefinitely suspended from wrestling in the 32 states forming the N.B.A. territory. The N.B.A. also has announced that wrestlers defeated before the first official elimination bout on March 1 automatically become ineligible to participate in the championship matches.

Two contestants have posted $5,000 forfeits and are eligible to meet as heavyweights. They are John Pesek, Ravenna, Neb., and Jim Londos, Philadelphia. Pete Sauer, one of the original five eligible heavies, has been eliminated. Gus Sonnenberg, Providence, R.I., has refused to enter, opposing the N.B.A. rulings. Richard Schikat, Philadelphia, has not directly indicated his intentions, Isaacs said.

Three entries posted $2,500 forfeits in the light-heavy class and are eligible. They are Hugh Nichols, Mexia, Texas; Pinkie Gardner, Schenectady, N.Y., and Joe Banaskie, Chicago. Ted Thye, Portland, Ore., has not been heard from and Clarence Eklund, Buffalo, Wyo., refused to enter, saying he did not believe in supervision of wrestling by either state or national bodies.

In the middleweight class, Gus Kallio, Finland; Ralph Parcaut, Spencer, Ia., and Ray Carpenter, Lancaster, O., have qualified. Charles Fischer, Butternut, Wis., refused to post a forfeit, claiming he already is champion of two classes, the middle and light-heavyweight. Bobby Myers, Portland, Ore., has not declared himself.

Charley Grip, Huntington, W.Va., and Jack Reynolds, Cincinnati, have qualified in the welterweight class. Two other welters, Billy Hallas, Canutilla, Tex., and Robin Reed, Reedsport, Ore., have informed the N.B.A. they are trying to raise their forfeit money.

Russell Vis, Los Angeles, the fifth eligible welterweight, has not signified his intention. Isaacs said he understands Viz wishes to retire.

A special meeting of the entire N.B.A. will be held here Monday during whidch time public drawing will be made from the qualified entries determining the matches. The first two names drawn will meet on March 1.

Promoters have until February 15 to bid for the matches.

"Boxing body draws mat pairings"

Associated Press, Monday, February 3, 1930

CINCINNATI -- The National Boxing Association met heree today in special session and drew match pairings to determine official wrestling championships.

Only two men qualified for the heavyweight title -- John Pesek, Ravenna, Neb., and Jim Londos, Philadelphia. Pinkie Gardner, Schenectady, N.Y., and Joe Banaskie, Chicago, were paired in the light-heavy class and the winner will wrestle Hugh Nichols, Mexia, Tex., for the title. Gus Kallio, Finland, and Ralph Parcaut, Spencer, Ia., meet in the first middleweight contest. Ray Carpenter, Lancaster, Ohio, obtained the bye and will grapple the Kallio-Parcaut victor for the title.

Charley Grip, Huntington, W.Va., and Jack Reynolds, Cincinnati, were the only qualifiers for the welterweight title.

The managers of Pesek and Londos told the N.B.A. that if the organization would permit they wanted the winner of the official heavyweight bout to meet Gus Sonnenberg, Providence, R.I., and Richard Shikat, Philadelphia. The latter two heavyweights are under suspension for failure to enter the tournament, but the N.B.A. voted to reinstate either or both if they will meet the Pesek-Londos winner.