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Last updated on 2016/09/14

1930s1946 - 1973
National Wrestling Association
World Welterweight Title

* Wrestling title of the National Boxing Association until 1930/10.

Jack Reynolds 1930/02/21Cincinnati, OH
Defeats Charlie Grip to be recognized by the National Boxing Association; has previously held the title for five times; vacates on 30/03/22.
Jack Reynolds [2] 1930/04/12  
Reinstated by NBA president Stanley Isaacs on 30/04/12; Earl McCann defeats Reynolds on 33/02/17 in Cincinnati, OH, but the decisions is reversed after the match; Reynolds defeats McCann on 33/07/06 in Cincinnati, OH; loses to Lord Lansdowne on 35/01/31 in San Francisco, CA but continue to be recognized by NWA; regain from Lansdowne on 35/05/03 in Louisville, KY; attempts to vacate the title in 37 in order to move up to heavier weight division but continues to be recognized by the NWA; still listed as champion by NWA on 38/09/15; NWA title is listed as vacant as of 40/09 (The Evening Independent, 40/09/10).
El Santo 1946/03/15 Mexico City, MEX
Defeats Pete Pancof in 8-man tournament final.
Jack O'Brien 1947/02/15 Mexico City, MEX
Gori Guerrero 1949/04/29 Mexico City, MEX
Bobby Bonales 1951/07/11 MEX
Recognized by the National Wrestling Alliance after 52/09.
El Santo [2] 1952/09/26 MEX
Blue Demon 1953/07/25 Mexico City, MEX
Karloff Lagarde 1958/01/31 Mexico City, MEX
National Wrestling Association continues to recognize the National Wrestling Alliance Title at least until the early 60s.

* See National Wrestling Alliance World Welterweight Title.