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Last updated on 2011/11/05

National Wrestling Association
World Middleweight Title

(Wrestling title of National Boxing Association until 1930/10)

[ Japanese ]

Gus Kallio 1930/04/09 Columbus, OH
Defeats Ray Carpenter in tournament final; has defeated Ralph Parquat in semi-final on 30/03/21 in Cincinnati, OH.
George Sauer 1930/06/20 San Antonio, TX
Wins as the Masked Marvel.
Gus Kallio [2] 1930/10/03 San Antonio, TX
Recognized at the NWA meeting on 31/10/01; George Romanoff is billed as champion in Florida as of 34/10/02; Kallio is again recognized at the NBA & NWA joint annual convention on 35/09/17.
Joe Gunther 1934/12
Gus Kallio [3] 1935/02<
Joe Gunther [2] 1935/05/07
Gus Kallio [4] 1935/06/14
Joe Gunther [3] 1937/01 Portland, OR
Gus Kallio [5] 1937/02/15<
Octavio Gaona 1939/02/19 Mexico City
Tarzan Lopez (Carlos Lopez) 1940/02/04 Mexico City
Also recognized at the NBA & NWA joint annual convention on 40/09/09.

* See National Wrestling Alliance World Middleweight Title

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