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The J-CROWN Octuple Title Unification Tournament

J-CROWN is a tournament held by New Japan Pro-Wrestling between 1996/08/02 and 08/05 to unify eight titles in four lighter weight divisions. The participants included :

The Great Sasuke (Michinoku Puroresu)
IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion

Masayoshi Motegi (Wrestle Dream Factory)
NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion

Ultimo Dragon (Wrestle Association "R")
International Junior Heavyweight Champion

Jushin Thunder Liger (New Japan)
British Commonwealth Junior Heavyweight Champion

El Samurai (New Japan)
WWF World Light Heavyweight Champion

Shinjiro Ohtani (New Japan)
UWA World Junior Light Heavyweight Champion
(title is/was billed as UWA World Light Heavyweight title in New Japan)

Gran Hamada (Michinoku)
WWA World Junior Light Heavyweight Champion

Negro Casas (Empresa Mexicana de Lucha Libre)
NWA World Welterweight Champion

Tournament Result

Sasuke ====+
08/02 | == Sasuke ===+
Motegi ----+ |
08/04 | == Sasuke ===+
Samurai ====+ | |
08/03 | == Samurai ---+ |
Hamada ----+ |
08/05 | ==== The Great Sasuke
Dragon ====+ |
08/02 | == Dragon ===+ |
Liger ----+ | |
08/04 | == Dragon ---+
Casas ----+ |
08/03 | == Ohtani ---+
Ohtani ====+

Unified Title History

The Great Sasuke 1996/08/05 Tokyo, JPN
Defeats Ultimo Dragon in tournament final to become Octuple crown champion.
Ultimo Dragon 1996/10/11 Osaka, JPN
Jushin Thunder Liger 1997/01/04 Tokyo, JPN
Loses International Title to Yuuji Yasuraoka on 97/06/06 in Tokyo, JPN but still keeps other titles.
El Samurai 1997/07/06 Sapporo, JPN
Shinjiro Ohtani 1997/08/10 Nagoya, JPN
Vacates WWF World Light Heavyweight Title on 97/11/05 after being forced by WWF; vacates all other titles on the same day except IWGP Junior Heavyweight Title.

* See IWGP Junior Heavyweight Title.

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