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Universal Wrestling Association
World Junior Light Heavyweight Title
(as of 2014/03/01)

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Cesar Valentino 1977/11/20 Mexico City
Defeats Anibal and America Salvaje to become first champion.
Gran Hamada 1979/02/04 Mexico City
Perro Aguayo 1979/04/11 Mexico City
Vacant on 79/12/15 when Aguayo injured.
El Solitario 1980/01/27 Mexico City
Defeats Masanobu Kurisu.
Eric Embry 1981/03/30 Puebla
El Solitario [2] 1981/07/19 Mexico City
El Signo 1983/06/10 Tijuana
Stripped on 84/02/15 after defending the title without approval against Kato Kung Lee on 84/01/27.
Anibal 1984/05/27 Mexico City
Defeats El Texano in tournament final.
Invader III 1984/09/15 San Juan, PR
Anibal [2] 1984
Negro Navarro 1985/01/06 Mexico City
Mano Negra 1985/02/25 Puebla
El Cobarde II 1985/12/08 Mexico City
Gran Hamada [2] 1986/03/04 Queretaro
Blue Panther 1986/11/16 Mexico City
Solar I 1987/05/25 Puebla
Blue Panther [2] 1988/02/08 Puebla
Gran Cochise 1988/09/16 Mexico City
Ringo Mendoza 1989/04/29 Mexico City
Perro Aguayo [2] 1990/06/29 Mexico City
Stripped in 92/01 when Aguayo jumps to EMLL.
Gran Hamada [3] 1992/12/13 Mexico City
Defeats Black Power II in 16-man touranment final.
El Engendro 1993/09/12 Naucalpan
Gran Hamada [4] 1993/09/22 Vachuca
Sabu 1995/11/23 Kawasaki, JPN
El Samurai 1995/12/01 Niigata, JPN
Kouji Kanemoto 1996/03/17 Amagasaki, JPN
Vacates in 96/05 because of an injury.
Shinjiro Ohtani 1996/06/17 Tokyo, JPN
Defeats Kazushi Sakuraba.
Ultimo Dragon 1996/08/04 Tokyo, JPN
Defeats Ohtani in the second round of J-Crown tournament.
The Great Sasuke 1996/08/05 Tokyo, JPN
Defeats Dragon in the final of J-Crown tournament to become octuple crown champion.
Ultimo Dragon [2] 1996/10/11 Osaka, JPN
Jushin Thunder Liger 1997/01/04 Tokyo, JPN
El Samurai [2] 1997/07/06 Sapporo, JPN
Shinjiro Ohtani [2] 1997/08/10 Nagoya, JPN
Vacates on 97/11/05.
Gran Hamada [5] 1998/07/30 Ninohe, JPN
Defeats Convict I.
El Cobarde 1999/02/15 Nuevo Laredo
Defeats Perro Aguayo.
Heavy Metal 2000/04/10 Nuevo Laredo
Silver King 2006/11/26<
Diluvio Negro II 2007/02/25 Monterrey
Histeria 2011/06<
El Pulpo 2011/06/16 Matamoros
Still champion as of 12/03/18.
Operativo 209 2013/05<
Super Nova 2013/05/17 Yakima, WA

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