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LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE ( 1981/03 - 1983 )

[ 日本語 ]

Perro Aguayo 1981/03/26 Shimizu, JPN
Defeats Gran Hamada in tournament final.
Fishman 1981/09/25 Los Angeles, CA, USA
Perro Aguayo [2] 1981/10/01 Los Angeles, CA, USA
Chris Adams 1981/10/18 Mexico City, MEX
Perro Aguayo [3] 1981/12/13 Mexico City, MEX
Gran Hamada 1982/04/21 Tokyo, JPN
Perro Aguayo [4] 1982/08/29 Mexico City, MEX
Villano III 1983/03/20 Mexico City, MEX
Perro Aguayo [5] 1983/08/07 Mexico City, MEX
Gran Hamada [2] 1984/04/17 Tokyo, JPN
Villano III [2] 1984/05/20 Mexico City, MEX
Fishman [2] 1986/08/24 Mexico City, MEX
Perro Aguayo [6] 1986/12/24 Mexico City, MEX
Title held up after a match against Villano III on 87/05/03.
Villano III [3] 1987/06/17 Mexico City, MEX
Defeats Aguayo in rematch.
Rambo 1987/10/04 Mexico City, MEX
Villano III [4] 1988/07/11 Mexico City, MEX
Sangre Chicana 1989/08/14
Perro Aguayo [7] 1989/10/15 Mexico City, MEX
Sangre Chicana [2] 1989/12/03 Mexico City, MEX
Villano III [5] 1990/05/27 Naucalpan, MEX
Pegasus Kid (Chris Benoit) 1991/03/03 Naucalpan, MEX
Villano III [6] 1992/09/13 Naucalpan, MEX
El Signo 1993/01/01 Nezahualcoyotl, MEX
Villano III [7] 1994/07/18 Puebla, MEX
Stripped after jumping to PROMELL in 95/01.
Aero Flash 1995/06/16 Nezahualcoyotl, MEX
Defeats Fighter.
The Great Sasuke 1996/03/24 Shirakawa, JPN
El Samurai 1996/06/22 Naruko, JPN
The Great Sasuke [2] 1996/08/04 Tokyo, JPN
Defeats Samurai in the second round of J-Crown tournament; defeats Ultimo Dragon in the final of J-Crown tournament on 96/08/05 in Tokyo, JPN to become octuple crown champion.
Ultimo Dragon 1996/10/11 Osaka, JPN
Jushin Thunder Liger 1997/01/04 Tokyo, JPN
El Samurai [2] 1997/07/06 Sapporo, JPN
Shinjiro Ohtani 1997/08/10 Nagoya, JPN
Vacates title on 97/11/05 by request from WWF.
TAKA Michinoku 1997/12/07 Springfield, MA, USA
Defeats Brian Christopher in a tournament final.
Christian Cage 1998/10/18 Chicago, IL, USA
Duane Gill/Gillberg 1998/11/17 Columbus, OH, USA
Papi Chulo/Esse Rios 2000/02/08 Austin, TX, USA
Dean Malenko 2000/03/13 E. Rutherford, NJ, USA
Scotty Too Hotty 2000/04/17 State College, PA, USA
Dean Malenko [2] 2000/04/25 Charlotte, NC, USA
Crash Holly 2001/03/13 Anaheim, CA, USA
Jerry Lynn 2001/04/29 Chicago, IL, USA
Jeff Hardy 2001/06/05 Grand Folks, ND, USA
X-Pac 2001/06/25 New York, NY, USA
Tajiri 2001/08/06 Anaheim, CA, USA
X-Pac [2] 2001/08/19 San Jose, CA, USA
Reigning WCW Cruiserweight champion, wins a double title match; loses the WCW title to Billy Kidman on 01/10/09 in Moline, IL but keeps the WWF title until it is retired in 02/03.

* See also WWE World Cruiserweight Title.

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