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Last updated on 2016/12/27


Verne Gagne 1960/08/16  
Awarded after NWA World Heavyweight champion Pat O'Connor fails to defend the title against Gagne within 90-day period; one source says O'Connor is actually recognized as the first champion when AWA is formed in 60/05.
Gene Kiniski 1961/07/11 Minneapolis, MN
Verne Gagne [2] 1961/08/08 Minneapolis, MN
Mister M (Bill Miller) 1962/01/09 Minneapolis, MN
Verne Gagne [3] 1962/08/21 Minneapolis, MN
Also wins Omaha version from Fritz von Erich on 63/08/25 in Omaha, NE.
Crusher Lisowski 1963/07/09 Minneapolis, MN
Wins AWA World Title only.
Verne Gagne [4] 1963/07/20 Minneapolis, MN
Also holds Omaha version.
Fritz Von Erich 1963/07/27 Omaha, NE
Wins both titles.
Verne Gagne [5] 1963/08/08 Amarillo, TX
Wins AWA world title; defeats Von Erich on 63/09/07 in Omaha, NE to unify Omaha version.
Crusher Lisowski [2] 1963/11/16 St. Paul, MN
Verne Gagne [6] 1963/12/14 Minneapolis, MN
Mad Dog Vachon 1964/05/02 Omaha, NE
Verne Gagne [7] 1964/05/16 Omaha, NE
Mad Dog Vachon [2] 1964/10/20 Minneapolis, MN
Mighty Igor Vodic 1965/05/15 Omaha, NE
Mad Dog Vachon [3] 1965/05/22 Omaha, NE
Crusher Lisowski [3] 1965/08/21 St. Paul, MN
Mad Dog Vachon [4] 1965/11/12 Denver, CO
Tim Woods # 1966/01/08 Omaha, NE
Mad Dog Vachon # 1966/01/14 Omaha, NE
AWA president Stanley Blackburn reviews the match from 66/01/08 and declares it "no contenst" on 66/01/14 since Woods's legs are on the rope while pinning Vachon during the final fall; Vachon defeats Woods on 66/01/14.
Dick the Bruiser 1966/11/12 Omaha, NE
Mad Dog Vachon [5] 1966/11/19 Omaha, NE
Verne Gagne [8] 1967/02/26 St. Paul, MN
Dr. X (Dick Beyer) 1968/08/17 Bloomington, MN
Verne Gagne [9] 1968/08/31 Minneapolis, MN
Nick Bockwinkel 1975/11/08 St. Paul, MN
Wrestle to a double cout-out against WWF Heavyweight champion Bob Backlund on 79/03/25 in Toronto, ON.
Verne Gagne [10] 1980/07/18 Chicago, IL
Nick Bockwinkel [2] 1981/05/19
Awarded when Gagne retires; Hulk Hogan defeats Bockwinkel on 82/04/18 in St. Paul, MN, with both parties using a foreign object during the match, and is declared as champion; Bockwinkel is awarded back by AWA president Stanley Blackburn on 82/04/24 due to the involvement of a foreign object during the match; Hulk Hogan defeats Bockwinkel on 82/04/18 in St. Paul, MN, but Bockwinkel is awareded the title back by AWA president Stanley Blackburn on 82/04/24 due to the involvement of a foreign object during the match.
Otto Wanz 1982/08/29 St. Paul, MN
Nick Bockwinkel [3] 1982/10/09 Chicago, IL
Jerry Lawler # 1982/12/27 Memphis, TN
Held up afterwards.
Nick Bockwinkel # 1983/01/10 Memphis, TN
Defeats Lawler in rematch; Hulk Hogan defeats Bockwinkle on 83/04/24 in Minneapolis, MN in a no DQ match; however, AWA president Stanley Blackburn, unable to disqualify Hogan for throwing Bockwinkle over the tope rope, strips Hogan of the title anyway and returns it to Bockwinkle right after the match.
Jumbo Tsuruta 1984/02/23 Tokyo, JPN
Rick Martel 1984/05/13 St. Paul, MN
Wrestles to a double count-out against NWA World heavyweight champion Ric Flair on 85/10/21 in Tokyo, JPN.
Stan Hansen 1985/12/29 E. Rutherford, NJ
Nick Bockwinkel [3] 1986/06/29 Denver, CO
Awarded when Hansen leaves the promotion after not appearing the match on 86/06/28 in Denver, CO, but Hansen takes the belt and defends it on All Japan cards in 86/07.
Curt Hennig 1987/05/02 San Francisco, CA
Jerry Lawler 1988/05/09 Memphis, TN
Unifies WCWA World title defeating Kerry Von Erich on 88/12/13 in Chicago, IL to become Unified World Heavyweight Champion, but stripped of AWA title on 89/01/20 after CWA splits with AWA.
Larry Zbyszko 1989/02/07 St. Paul, MN
Wins title in battle royal, eliminating Tom Zenk.
Mr. Saito (Masa Saito) 1990/02/10 Tokyo, JPN
Larry Zbyszko [2] 1990/04/08 St. Paul, MN
Stripped on 90/12/12 when Zbyszko leaves inactive AWA for WCW; AWA closes in 91; still claims the title as of 95/01.

* See also AWA World Heavyweight Title (AWA Superstars of Wrestling).

The Records of the AWA World Heavyweight Title Matches