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AWA Superstars of Wrestling
World Heavyweight Title

Jonnie Stewart 96/06/06 Rochester, MN
Defeats Larry Gligorovich when Dale Gagne (Dale Gagner) and Stewart have supposedly purchased the rights to the AWA name (not the promotion itself) and starts his own promotion; the promoters claims the lineage linked to Verne Gagne's AWA World Heavyweight Title.
King Kong Bundy 99/03/31 Oshkosh, WI
Stripped for no defense.
Dale Gagne (Dale Gagner) 00/07/29 Pine Bluff, AR
Promoter names himself the champion.
The Patriot (Danny Dominion) 00/07/29 Pine Bluff, AR
Larry Gligorovich 00/07/29 Pine Bluff, AR
Eric Priest 01/06/03 Hillside, IL
Evan Karagias 02/03/22 Casa Grande, AZ
Danny Dominion [2] 02/05/02 Cottonwood, AZ
Evan Karagias [2] 02/05/04 Lemoore, CA
Matt Wiese 02/10/19 Mercedes, TX
Vacant in 03 when Horshu (Matt Wiese) signs a developmental deal with WWE and is unavailable to drop the title.
Evan Karagias [3] 03/07/06 Lemoore, CA
Defeats Eric Priest; stripped in 04.
Takao Ohmori 05/01/23 Tokyo, JPN
Defeats Steve Corino in a tournament final.
Steve Corino 05/06/11 Bay City, MI
Also defeats Larry Zbyszko, the last champion of the Verne Gange era who continued to claim the title as of 95/01, on 05/06/25 in Viena, GA.
Shinjiro Ohtani 06/01/22 Tokyo, JPN
Takao Ohmori [2] 06/04/01 Tokyo, JPN
Ric Converse 06/06/14 Indianapolis, IN
Steve Corino [2] 07/01/07 Pottstown, PA
TNT (Greg Bownds) defeats Corino on 07/03/23 in Cardiff, AUS, but the title is returned to Corino when the AWA board claims "international paperwork for this title match can not be located, and therefore the title change can not be validated."
Takao Ohmori [3] 07/04/01 Yokohama, JPN
Masato Tanaka 07/10/26 Tokyo, JPN
Stripped on 07/12/07 when ZERO1-Max withdraws its affiliation with AWA; ZERO1-Max continues to recognize its own World Title with Tanaka as the champion.
Larry Zbyszko 08/02/05
Awarded for claiming that he has never lost the original AWA World Heavyweight Title after the AWA closes in 91; Brian Logan defeats Zbyszko and Ricky Landell in a 3-way match on 08/04/18 in Fayetteville, WV, but the AWA affiliates later splits into two groups: Gagner's AWA Stars continuing to recognize Zbyszko as the champion and American Wrestling Affiliates with Logan as the champion.
Ricky Landell 08/10/11 Indianapolis, IN
Keith Walker 09/02/21 Michigan City, IN
Still champion as of 09/09/15.

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