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Last updated on 2015/03/15

World Heavyweight Title
[promoted by Jack Pfeffer]

Dave Levin1945/09/02Pasadena, CA
Defeats Babe Sharkey, who claims the title in Maryland.; loses to Volga Boatman on 47/07/07 in Denver, CO but continues to be recognized outside Colorado.
Buddy Rogers1947/07/21Tulsa, OK
Leroy McGuirk1947/09/08Tulsa, OK
Billed as Midwest Wrestling Association title; still champion as of 47/10/21.
Buddy Rogers [2]1948/06
Billed as international champion on arrival; later referred to as a world title.
Billy Darnell1948/10/26San Diego, CA
The Demon (Jack O'Brien)1948/12/06Hollywood, CA
Sheik Lawrence1949/02/22San Diego, CA
May be a repeat of a match on 49/02/19 in Pomona, CA.
Buddy Rogers [3]1949/03/05Pomona, CA
George Bollas1949/07/07Toledo, OH
Dave Levin [2]1949/08/18Toledo, OH
The Demon [2]1949/09/15Toledo, OH
Dave Levin [3]1949/10/20Toledo, OH
Tom Marshall1949/12/01Toledo, OH
The Demon [3]1950/02/04Akron, OH
Buddy Rogers [4]1950/05/25Toledo, OH
Bozo Brown1950/06/10Akron, OH
Buddy Rogers [5]1950/06/24Akron, OH
Indian Nature Boy1950/07/06Toledo, OH
Dave Levin [4]1950/08/03Toledo, OH
Hopalong Rokko1950/11/02Toledo, OH
Title retired in 51/02.