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Last updated on 2017/10/16

California State Heavyweight Title

Jim Gluyas 1866/10/06<
Michael Whalen 1868/01/18<
Eugen Marky 1873/02<
Daniel Murray 1873/03/08 San Francisco, CA
Michael Whalen [2] 1874/02/14<

Charles Anderson # 1904/04/21<
Billed as champion in Vancouver, BC.

Nick Lutze 1931/10/31<
Billed as champion in Southern California.
Dick Daviscourt 1934/04<
Leo Numa 1934/04/04<
Still champion as of 34/06/23.

Jack Ganson 1934/06/04<  
Also billed as Pacific Coast champion.
Glenn Wade 1934/10/31 Fresno, CA

Ray Steele 1934/09/25<  
Also billed as Pacific Coast champion.
Joe Malcewicz 1934/12/04 San Francisco, CA
Still champion as of 35/02/02; also billed as Pacific Coast champion.
Bill Hagen 1937/01/16<
Billed as champion in Stockton, CA.
Sandor Szabo # 1937/02 San Francisco, CA
Reported in Oregon has becoming the champion.
Vincent Lopez 1937<
Len Hall 1937/04/14 Los Angeles, CA
Vincent Lopez [2] 1937/06/16 Los Angeles, CA
Dean Detton 1937/09/15 Los Angeles, CA
Still champion as of 37/11/02.
Sandor Szabo 1938/11/11<  
Hard Boiled Haggerty 1938/11/23 Los Angeles, CA
Ted Christy is billed as champion in Ogden, UT as of 39/01/19.
Tarzan White 1939/03/15 Los Angeles, CA
Hans Steinke 1939/06/07 Los Angeles, CA
Sandor Szabo [2] 1939/08/02 Los Angeles, CA
Still champion as of 39/09/25.
Vacant in 41/05<
Ray Villmer1941/05/21San Francisco, CA
Wins tournament.
Rube Wright1942/08/19Los Angeles, CA
Defeats Swedish Angel in tournament final; promoted as a tournament to replace Jim Londos as World champion; however, the State Commission refuses to recognize Wright as World champion and recognizes him as California Heavyweight champion instead; also billed as Pacific Coast Title.
Frank Sexton 1943/10/20 Los Angeles, CA
Still champion as of 44/05/17; also billed as Pacific Coast Title; most likely vacant after winning AWA World Title on 45/05/02.
Tony Martinez1946/01/23Los Angeles, CA
Defeats Reb Russell; has defeated Pat Fraley in tournament final on 46/01/09 in Los Angeles, CA to face Russell who has defeated Pat Fraley in tournament final on 46/01/16.
George Becker 1946/05/22Los Angeles, CA
Vacant after winning World Title on 46/09/11.
Enrique Torres 1946/10/30 Los Angeles, CA
Defeats Bob Wagner in tournament final; vacant after winning World Title on 46/12/11.
Dutch Hefner 1947/01/29 Los Angeles, CA
Defeats Maurice LaChappelle in tournament final.
Maurice LaChappelle 1947/03/12 Los Angeles, CA
Reginald Siki 1947/05/10 Pasadena, CA
Vincent Lopez [3]1947/10/08Los Angeles, CA
Vacant sometime after 48/03/22.
George Becker [2]1948/08/20Santa Monica, CA
Defeats Dave Levin.
Dave Levin1948/09/03Santa Monica, CA
Ernie Dusek1948/09/10Santa Monica, CA

Luis Hernandez 1966/04
Billed as having returned from a a 6-mo tour in which he has won the title; still champion as of 66/08/13.
Mr. Hoshino (Kantaro Hoshino) 1967/01/19<
Stan Pulaski1967/02/01Los Angeles, CA
Ricky Romero 1967/04/12 Los Angeles, CA
Still champion as of 67/05/27.
Victor Rivera 1967/07/15 San Bernardino, CA
Defeats Mike DiBiase; still champion as of 67/08/19.

Ciclon Negro 1970/07/24<  
Billed as champion in Modesto, CA.

Woody Farmer1982/01/30Bakersfield, CA
Defeats Mike York.