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Last updated on 2015/07/20

World Heavyweight Title

Ali Baba 1936/04/25 Detroit, MI
Wins the World Title from Dick Shikat.
Everett Marshall 1936/06/26 Columbus, OH
Originally schduled to face Dick Shikat for the title on 36/05/22 in Denver, CO; recognized in Colorado after defeating Ali Baba on 36/06/26; still recognized in Colorado as of 41/02/28.
Lee Wykoff 1941/11/01<  
Holds MWA World Title in Kansas, also recognized in Colorado.
Jim Londos 1946/01/25<  
Dave Levin 1946/10<  
Has been recognized by Jack Pfefer since defeating Babe Sharkey on 45/09/02 in Pasadena, CA.
The Volga Boatman 1947/07/47 Denver, CO
Levin continues to be recognized outside Colorado.
Tarzan White 1947/07/16 Colorado Springs, CO
Tom Zaharias 1947/07/23 Colorado Springs, CO
Lou Newman 1947/07/30 Colorado Springs, CO

* NWA World Heavyweight Title is recognized in Colorado from 1948.