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NWA Pacific Coast Tag Team Title

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Lou Thesz & The Outlaw (Dory Funk Sr.) 1961
Vacant in 61.
The Outlaw & Pancho Pico1961/02/20Vancouver, BC
Defeat Guy Brunetti & Joe Brunetti in tournament final.
Guy Brunetti & Joe Brunetti1961/03/06Vancouver, BC
Mitsu Arakawa & Mr. Moto1961/03/20Vancouver, BC
Guy Brunetti & Joe Brunetti [2] 1961/03/27 Vancouver, BC
Mitsu Arakawa & Ivan Kameroff 1961/05/31 Tacoma, WA
Guy Brunetti & Joe Brunetti [3] 1961/06/07 Tacoma, WA
Mitsu Arakawa & Ivan Kameroff [2] 1961/06/21 Tacoma, WA
Guy Brunetti & Joe Brunetti [3] 1961/06/28 Tacoma, WA
Killer Kowalski & Ox Anderson1961/08/22Vancouver, BC
Vacant in 61/09 when Anderson leaves the area.
Ivan Kalmikoff & Karol Kalmikoff1961/10/02Vancouver, BC
Defeat Whipper Billy Watson & Roy McClarty in tournament final.
Whipper Billy Watson & Roy McClarty1961/11/06Vancouver, BC
Gene Kiniski & Killer Kowalski1962/01/22Vancouver, BC
Whipper Billy Watson & Mr. Kleen1962/03/05Vancouver, BC
Gene Kiniski & Hard Boiled Haggerty1962/03/26Vancouver, BC
Whipper Billy Watson & Bearcat Wright1962/07/09Vancouver, BC
Gene Kiniski & Hard Boiled Haggerty [2] 1962/08/07 Vancouver, BC
Ron McClarty & Don McClarty 1962/08
Gene Kiniski & Hard Boiled Haggerty [3] 1962/08/13 Tacoma, WA
Title retired in 62/11.

* Replaced with NWA Canadian Tag Team Title.

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