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Last updated on 2012/12/02

World Tag Team Title
[British Columbia]

Ben Sharpe & Mike Sharpe    
Gene Kiniski & Lord James Blears 1954  
May be the San Francisco version that Kiniski & Blears win from the Sharpe Brothers in 55.

John Tolos & Tony Borne 1966/06<  
Dutch Savage & Don Jardine1966/10/03Vancouver, BC
Don Leo Jonathan & Dominic Denucci1966/12/26Vancouver, BC
In Tacoma, WA, USA, Jonathan & Rene Goulet defeat Savage & Jardine on 66/12/30 for the title.
Chris Tolos & John Tolos1967/01/16Vancouver, BC
Also win Canadian Tag Team Title.
Dutch Savage & Don Jardine [2]1967/02/06Vancouver, BC
Win only World title.
Chris Tolos & John Tolos [2]1967/03/04Seattle, WA, USA
Or 67/03/13 in Vancouver, BC
Abdullah the Butcher & Jerry Graham1967/10/02Vancouver, BC
The Assassins1967/12/04Vancouver, BC
Also win Canadian Tag Team Title; still champions as of 68/03.