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Total Nonstop Action Wrestling World Heavyweight Title ( 2007/06 - 2017/03 )
IMPACT Wrestling Global Heavyweight Title ( 2017/03 -   )

(as of 2018/01/14)

Christian Cage # 2007/05/13  
Defeats Abyss and Sting in a 3-way match on 07/01/14 in Orlando, FL to win NWA World Title; NWA and TNA split and Cage is stripped of the NWA Title on 07/05/13 prior to the title match against Kurt Angle and Sting; TNA continues to claim Cage is the NWA champion, however.
Kurt Angle # 2007/05/13 Orlando, FL
Defeats Cage and Sting in a 3-way match but is stripped on the following day because of the controversial ending of the match; TNA claims Angle is stripped of the NWA title.
Kurt Angle2007/06/17Nashville, TN
Defeats Chris Harris, A.J. Styles, Christian Cage, and Samoa Joe in a "King of the Mountain" to be officially recognized as the first TNA champion.
Sting2007/10/14Atlanta, GA
Kurt Angle [2]2007/10/16Orlando, FL
Samoa Joe2008/04/13Lowell, MA
Sting [2] 2008/10/12 Chicago, IL
Mick Foley 2009/04/19 Philadelphia, PA
Kurt Angle [3] 2009/06/20 Auburn Hills, MI
Defeats Foley, Jeff Jarrett, A.J. Styles, and Samoa Joe in a "King of the Mountain" match.
A.J. Styles 2009/09/20 Orlando, FL
Defeats Angle, Hernandez, Sting, and Matt Morgan in 5-way match.
Rob Van Dam 2010/04/19 Orlando, FL
Stripped on 10/08/10 "due to injury" when RVD takes time off.
Jeff Hardy 2010/10/10 Daytona Beach, FL
Defeats Kurt Angle and Mr. Anderson (Ken Anderson) in a tournament 3-way final.
Mr. Anderson 2011/01/09 Orlando, FL
Jeff Hardy [2] 2011/02/13 Orlando, FL
Sting [3] 2011/02/24 Fayetteville, NC
Mr. Anderson [2] 2011/06/12 Orlando, FL
Sting [4] 2011/07/11 Orlando, FL
Kurt Angle [4] 2011/08/07 Orlando, FL
James Storm 2011/10/20 Orlando, FL
Bobby Roode 2011/10/26 Macon, GA
Austin Aries 2012/07/08 Orlando, FL
Jeff Hardy [3] 2012/10/14 Phoenix, AZ
Bully Ray (Bubba Ray Dudley) 2013/03/10 San Antonio, TX
Chris Sabin 2013/07/18 Louisville, KY
Bully Ray [2] 2013/08/15 Norfolk, VA
A.J. Styles [2] 2013/10/20 San Diego, CA
Stripped on 13/10/29 due to a contract dispute.
Magnus (Nick Aldis) 2013/12/03 Orlando, FL
Defeats Jeff Hardy in tournament final; Syles continues to defend the title outside the United States; Magnus defeats Styles on 13/12/05 in Orlando, FL to become the undisputed champion.
Eric Young 2014/04/10 Orlando, FL
Bobby Lashley 2014/06/19 Bethlehem, PA
Bobby Roode [2] 2014/09/18 Bethlehem, PA
Bobby Lashley [2] 2015/01/07 New York, NY
Kurt Angle [5] 2015/01/31 London, GBR
Ethan Carter III (Michael Hutter) 2015/06/25 Orlando, FL
Matt Hardy 2015/10/04 Orlando, FL
Vacates on 15/10/06 due to a "legal injunction" filed by Carter.
Ethan Carter III [2] 2016/01/05 Bethlehem, PA
Defeats Matt Hardy.
Matt Hardy [2] 2016/01/08 Bethlehem, PA
Drew Galloway 2016/03/15 Orlando, FL
Lashley [3] 2016/06/12 Orlando, FL
Also wins X Division Title, defeating Eddie Edwards on 16/07/13 in Orlando, FL and King of the Mountain Title, defeating James Storm on 16/08/11 in Orlando, FL; makes announcement to unify the King of the Mountain Title with the World Title and vacate the X Division Title on 16/08/12.
Eddie Edwards 2016/10/04 Orlando, FL
Lashley [4] 2017/01/08 Orlando, FL
Renamed IMPACT Wrestling Title on 17/03/02.
Alberto el Patron (Alberto Del Rio / Dos Caras Jr.) 2017/07/02 Orlando, FL
GFW Global champion, defeats Lashley in a unification match; stripped on 17/08/14 due to a negative publicity from an altercation with Paige at an airport on 17/07/09.
Eli Drake (Shaun Ricker) 2017/08/17 Orlando, FL
Wins a 20-man gauntlet match.
Austin Aries [2] 2018/01/10 Orlando, FL
Also wins Grand Title, defeating Matt Sydal in a double title match on 18/01/14 in Orlando, FL.