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IMPACT Wrestling Grand Title

(as of 2018/01/14)

Aron Rex (Damien Sandow) 2016/10/02 Orlando, FL
Defeats Drew Galloway in 8-man tournament final to become the the first champion.
Moose 2016/10/09Orlando, FL
Drew Galloway 2017/01/07 Orlando, FL
Moose [2] 2017/01/12 Orlando, FL
Ethan Carter III (Michael Hutter) 2017/07/05 Orlando, FL
Matt Sydal 2017/11/10 Ottawa, ON
Also wins X Division Title, defeating Taiji Ishimori in a double title match on 18/01/12.
Austin Aries 2018/01/14 Orlando, FL
Global champion, defeats Sydal in a double title match; Sydal continues to hold X Division Title.