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Last updated on 2017/07/06

World Wrestling Association
World Heavyweight Title

Dick the Bruiser 1964/04/22 Los Angeles, CA
Defeats Fred Blassie for the WWA World Heavyweight title; starts own promotion in Indiana; held up after a match in which the Bruiser is disqualifed against Johnny Valentine on 65/03/12 in Indianapolis, IN.
Dick the Bruiser [2] 1965/04/10 Indianapolis, IN
Defeats Johnny Valentine in rematch.
Gene Kiniski 1965/08/21 Indianapolis, IN
Dick the Bruiser [3] 1965/12/25 Indianapolis, IN
Loses a unification match against AWA champion Mad Dog Vachon on 66/03/26 in Chicago, IL but continues to be recognized in Indianapolis and other WWA towns (WWA started working with AWA and AWA titles are recognized in Chciago thereafter).
Mitsu Arakawa 1966/10/08 Indianapolis, IN
Wilbur Snyder 1967/09/30 Indianapolis, IN
Blackjack Lanza 1967/12/27 Indianapolis, IN
Dick the Bruiser [4] 1969/08/29 Indianapolis, IN
Baron Von Raschke 1970/03/07 Indianapolis, IN
Dick the Bruiser [5] 1971/10/14 Indianapolis, IN
Repeated on 71/10/23 in Detroit, MI.
Baron Von Raschke [2] 1971/11/26 Detroit, MI
Repeated in Indianapolis, IN on 71/11/29; Dick the Bruiser defeats Raschke in a death match on 72/03/18 in Detroit, MI but is stripped in 72/04 with the match having no falls.
Billy Red Cloud 1972/03/21Indianapolis, IN
Raschke continues to be billed as champion in Elkhart, IN where he loses to Art Thomas on 72/03/25; Thomas also recognized as champion in Detroit; the Detroit version is held-up after a match between Thomas and Baron Von Raschke on 72/05/20 in Detroit, MI.
Baron Von Raschke [3] 1972/06/02 Indianapolis, IN
Defeats Red Cloud for the recognition in Indianapolis; also defeats Art Thomas for the held-up Detroit version on 72/06/03 in Detroit, MI.
Bob Ellis 1973/03/31Indianapolis, IN
Repeated in Detroi, MI on 73/05/12.
Ox Baker 1974/08/10Indianapolis, IN
Pepper Gomez 1975/11/29Indianapolis, IN
Masked Stranger (Guy Mitchell) 1976/05/01Indianapolis, IN
Dick the Bruiser [6] 1977/03/05Indianapolis, IN
Title held up on 77/04/30 after a match against Ivan Koloff.
Ivan Koloff 1977/06/18Indianapolis, IN
Wins rematch; title held up on 77/11/12 after a match against Dick the Bruiser.
Dick the Bruiser [7] 1977/12/26Indianapolis, IN
Wins rematch; title held up on 79/04/28 after a match against King Kong Brody (Bruiser Brody).
Dick the Bruiser [8] 1979/06/09 Indianapolis, IN
Wins rematch.
King Kong Brody (Bruiser Brody) 1979/08/04 Indianapolis, IN
Dick the Bruiser [9] 1980/05/31 Indianapolis, IN
Help up after a match against Ernie Ladd on 80/10/04 in Indianapolis, IN.
Ernie Ladd 1980/11/01Indianapolis, IN
Wins rematch.
Dick the Bruiser [10] 1980/11/29Indianapolis, IN
Johnny Valiant 1981/04/04 Indianapolis, IN
Dick the Bruiser [11] 1981/04
Johnny Valiant [2] 1981/04/25 Indianapolis, IN
Bobo Brazil 1981/07/24 Bartonville, IL
Blackjack Mulligan 1981/10/11Indianapolis, IN
Bobo Brazil [2] 1981/11 Knoxville, TN *
Title held up on 82/02/13 after a match against Harley Race where Race pins Brazil after using an illegal piledriver.
Harley Race 1982/04/24 Indianapolis, IN
Defeats Brazil in rematch; Brazil continues to defend in smaller towns; vacant in 82/07 when the working agreement between WWA and CWA ends.
Dick the Bruiser [12] 1983/01  
Bobby Colt 1983/06/25 Indianapolis, IN
Spike Huber 1984/01/07 Indianapolis, IN
Stormy Granzig 1984/07< Terre Haute, IN *
Greg Wojokowski 1984/07 Indianapolis, IN
Dick the Bruiser [13] 1985/01/29 Indianapolis, IN
Greg Wojokowski [2] 1985/09<  
Scott Rechsteiner (Scott Steiner) 1986/08/14 Deaborn, MI
Greg Wojokowski [3] 1987/05/03 Toledo, OH
Vacant in 88 upon retirement..
Golden Lion 1989/04/16 Toledo, OH
Defeats Calypso Jim.

* See also WWA Superstars Wrestling Heavyweight Title.