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Last updated on 2014/03/05

North American Wrestling Alliance ( 1959/10 - 1961 )
Worldwide Wrestling Associates ( 1961 - 1968/12/11 )
World Heavyweight Title

Edouard Carpentier 1959/10  
Officially recognized as the world champion by NAWA for being the top contender who has met the most title claimants, including the NWA world champion Lou Thesz whom Carpentier has defeated on 57/06/14 in Chicago, IL.
Fred Blassie 1961/06/12 Los Angeles, CA
Wins when doctor rules Carpentier is unable to continue in 3rd fall; NAWA is renamed WWA in 61; continues be billed as NAWA title in San Bernardino, CA until 64.
Rikidozan 1962/03/28 Los Angeles, CA
Fred Blassie [2] 1962/07/25 Los Angeles, CA
Wins on cuts.
The Destroyer 1962/07/27 San Diego, CA
Fred Blassie [3] 1963/05/10 Los Angeles, CA
Bearcat Wright 1963/08/23 Los Angeles, CA
Wins by countout.
Edouard Carpentier [2] 1963/12/16 Indio, CA
Wins by forfeit after Wright no-shows scheduled defence.
Fred Blassie [4] 1964/01/30 Los Angeles, CA
Dick the Bruiser 1964/04/22 Los Angeles, CA
The Destroyer [2] 1964/07/22 Los Angeles, CA
Bob Ellis 1964/09/10 Los Angeles, CA
The Destroyer [3] 1964/11/13 San Diego, CA
Loses to Toyonobori on 64/12/04 in Tokyo, JPN but returns to California as champion.
Pedro Morales 1965/03/12 Los Angeles, CA
Luke Graham 1965/07/23 Los Angeles, CA
Toyonobori defeats Graham by DQ in a unification match on 65/09/08 in Los Angeles, CA, but the title is returned to Graham due to DQ; Graham defeats Toyonobori on 65/09/20 in Los Angeles, CA.
Pedro Morales [2] 1965/10/17 Los Angeles, CA
Buddy Austin 1966/08/05 Los Angeles, CA
Bobo Brazil 1966/09/02 Los Angeles, CA
Wins on cuts.
Buddy Austin [2] 1966/09/16 Los Angeles, CA
Lou Thesz 1966/10/14 Los Angeles, CA
Mark Lewin 1966/10/28 Los Angeles, CA
KIM Il (Kintaro Ohki) 1967/04/29 Seoul, KOR
Or 67/05/09 as listed on "Wrestling Title Histories".
Mike DiBiase 1967/07/28 Los Angeles, CA
Buddy Austin [3] 1967/08/25 Los Angeles, CA
Bobo Brazil [2] 1968/01/12 Los Angeles, CA
WWA joins NWA in 68/10; Brazil retires the title on 68/12/11 in order to challenge the NWA champion Gene Kiniski; Brazil and Kiniski wrestle to a draw on 68/12/18 in Los Angeles, CA.

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