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World Heavyweight Title

Edouard Carpentier1957/06/14Chicago, IL
Defeats NWA World champion Lou Thesz and is recognized in Georgia.

Paul Anderson1958/10<
Still holds title as of 59/06.

Dick the Bruiser1961/02<
Holds AWA United States Title in Detroit; recognized as AWA World champion in Georgia.

Fred Blassie1962/06
Recogized based on WWA World Title victory in Los Angeles, CA.
Jake Smith1962/10/26Atlanta, GA
Title immediately held-up.
Fred Blassie [2]1962/11/09Atlanta, GA
Defeats Smith in a rematch.
Eddie Graham1963/02/08Atlanta, GA
Referred to as "World Heavyweight Title" from 63/03.
Tarzan Tyler1963/04/19Atlanta, GA
Dick Steinborn1963/05/03Atlanta, GA
Tarzan Tyler [2]1963/05/10Atlanta, GA
Title retired when Tyler loses to NWA World champion Lou Thesz on 63/06/07 in Atlanta, GA.

* See NWA World Heavyweight Title.