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Last updated on 2017/11/02

Florida Junior Heavyweight Title

NWA Championship Wrestling from Florida ( 1981 - 1984 )
NWA Florida Major League Wrestling ( 1997/11 - 2002/01 )
NWA Florida ( 2002/01 - 2003/01 )
NWA Championship Wrestling from Florida ( 2003/01 - 2005/10 )
NWA Mid-West / Pro Wrestling Fusion ( 2009/10 - 2011/07 )
NWA Championship Wrestling from Florida ( 2011/10 - 2012/09 )

Joe Coveleski 1942/02/17 Miami, FL
Defeats Len Hughes.
Bobby Roberts 1942/06/23 Miami, FL
Still champion as of 42/07/10.

Babe Kasaboski1942/03/05Jacksonville, FL
Defeats Morris Shapiro by disqualification; still champion as of 42/06/07.

Pancho Villa 1944/03/13 Tampa, FL
Defeats Billy Williams in tournament final; still champion as of 44/07/20; vacant in 44/09/08 for not defending the title.
Bill Ludwig1944/09/04Tampa, FL
Defeats Billy Williams; still champion as of 44/10/31.

Jerry Brisco 1981/05<
Defeats Hiro Matsuda in tournament final; vacant and inactive.
Hector Guerrero 1983/12
Defeats Denny Brown; abandoned in 84.

Mike Marcello1997/11/07Gainesville, FL
Defeats Jett Jaguar and Pepe Prado in a triangle match; stripped on 98/11/13 for no-show in title defense.
Buck Quartermane1998/11/13Gainsville, FL
Defeats White Chocolate.
Pepe Prado2000/08/15Tampa, FL
Lex Lovett2000/11/14Tampa, FL
Jet Jaguar2001/07/18Ybor City, FL
Prince Justice2002/01/26St. Petersburg, FL
Naphtali2002/08/02St. Petersburg, FL
Vacant when Naphtali is awarded Florida X Title as the first champion on 03/01/01.
Mr. Wrestling 42003/01/25Ocoee, FL
Defeats Donnie York for abandoned title; stripped on 03/05/17 for failure to defend.
Talon2003/05/30Ocoee, FL
Defeats Joe Woods.
C.B. Kool2003/09/20Ocoee, FL
Defeats Talon and Rouge in a 3-way match.
Kevin Rhodes2003/10/10Parkersburg, WV
Rouge2003/11/15Ocoee, FL
C.B. Kool [2]2003/11/15Ocoee, FL
Kevin Rhodes [2]2003/12/13Ocoee, FL
Wrestles as Midnight Rider 3 but unmasks after the match.
C.B. Kool [3]2004/03/06Ocoee, FL
Remix2004/08/28Orlando, FL
Tommy Marr 2005/01/29
Vacates after winning NWA North American Heavyweight Title on 05/10/08; inactive.
Chris Jones 2009/10
Defeats Prince Iaukea on 09/03/07 in Ft. Pierce, FL to become Pro Wrestling Fusion champion; recognized as NWA Florida champion after 09/10.
Craig Classic 2009/10/23 Tampa, FL
Vacant after Classic wins NWA World Title on 10/11/06.
Bobby Fonta 2011/10/15 Ocoee, FL
Defeats Black Butler in tournament final.
Justin Cage 2012/08/11 Orlando, FL
CWFL leaves NWA in 12/09.

* See also Florida Cruiserweight Title.