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NWA Florida X Title

Reigning Florida Junior Heavyweight champion; awarded as the first X champion.
Justice2003/04/18Pinellas Park, FL
David Babylon2003/06/28Davie, FL
Defeats Justice and Naphtali in 3-way match.
Roderick Strong2003/07/19St. Petersburg, FL
Jerelle Clark2003/12/13St. Petersburg, FL
Defeats Stron, Justice, and Naphtali in 4-way match; vacates after winning World Junior Heavyweight Title on 04/01/10 in St. Petersburg, FL.
Roderick Strong2004/02/21Philadelphia, PA
Defeats Mikey Batts.
Sedrick Strong2004/04/29New Port Richey, FL
Naphtali [2]2004/09/04Clearwater, FL
Mikey Batts2005/02/26Brandon, FL
Defeats Naphtali, Jerrelle Clark, Sedrick Strong, Johnny Vandal, and Mikey Tenderfoot in a single pinfall or submission match; pins Clark to win; promotion closes in 05/06.