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Comision de Box y Lucha Libre Mexico D.F.
National Welterweight Title

(as of 2014/06/15)

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Mario Nuñez1934/06/17Mexico City
Defeats Tony Canales.
Tarzan Lopez1936/03/11Mexico City
Vacant in 39.
Bobby Arreola 1940/02/03Mexico City
Wins tournament; vacates in 42/11 due to injury.
Lobo Negro1942/04/06Mexico City
Defeats Bobby Bonales in tournament final.
Jack O'Brien1941/11/23Mexico City
Ciclon Veloz1942/03/01Pachuca
El Santo1943/02/21Mexico City
Jack O'Brien [2]1944/02/18Mexico City
Gory Guerrero1945/04/20Mexico City
Vacant on 45/09/25.
El Santo [2]1953/07<
Blue Demon1953/09/25Mexico City
Salvador Jalisco Gonzales1956/10/06Guadalajara
Defeats El Enfermero in tournament final.
Karloff Lagarde1957/03/02Mexico City
Blue Demon [2]1962/04/04Mexico City
Karloff Lagarde [2]1962/04/28Pachuca
Vacant in 63.
Javier Escovedo1963/04
Defeats Halcon Dorado in tournament final; vacant in 64 after Escovedo is killed in a car accident.
Rizado Ruiz1964/04/13Mexico City
Huracán Ramírez1965/04/03Mexico City
Alberto Muñoz1966/02/06Guadalajara
Vacates after winning National Middleweight Title on 68/10/20.
Huracán Ramírez [2]1969/06/14Mexico City
Defeats El Espectro II in tournament final.
Karloff Lagarde [3]1969/09/09Guadalajara
Huracán Ramírez [3]1970/08/04
Karloff Lagarde *1972<
Huracán Ramírez *1972/03
Karloff Lagarde [4]1972/10/20Mexico City
El Marquez1973/08/11Mexico City
Vacates on 75/05/03.
Fishman [2]1975/10/12Guadalajara
Defeats Alberto Muñoz in tournament final; vacates on 76/04/09 upon winning NWA World Title.
Blue Demon [2]1976/07/30Mexico City
Defeats Mano Negra in tournament final.
Fishman [3]1977/02/27Guadalajara
Kung Fu1977/09/26Guadalajara
Fishman [4]1977/11/23Guadalajara
Kung Fu [2]1978/04/02Mexico City
Americo Rocca1978/12/10Guadalajara
Americo Rocca [2]1980/03/29Mexico City
Franco Columbo1980/11/01Mexico City
El Supremo1981/02/01Guadalajara
El Talisman1982/03/30Mexico City
Mocho Cota1982/11/12Mexico City
Chamaco Velaguez1983/08/04Cuernavaca
Vacant on 84/07/26 upon winning NWA World Title.
El Talisman [2]1984/08/19
Defeats Americo Rocca in tournament final.
Americo Rocca [3]1985/03/29Mexico City
Fuerza Guerrera1985/12/03Mexico City
Vacant in 86/08 when Guerrera leaves EMLL.
El Symbolo1987/01/27Mexico City
Defeats Solar II in tournament final.
Aguila Solitaria1987/07/19Mexico City
Bestia Salvaje1988/09/03Mexico City
Angel Azteca1989/02/26
Vacant on 89/04/28 upon winning NWA World Middleweight Title.
Ciclon Ramirez1989/05/21Pista Revolcia
Defeats Bestia Salvaje in tournament final.
Canelo Casas1990/07/25Cuernavaca
Ciclon Ramirez [2]1991/02/03Acapulco
Felino1992/07/05Mexico City
Vacant on 92/07/16 upon winning CMLL World Title.
Ciclon Ramirez [3]1992/08/16Mexico City
Defeats Fantasma de la Quebrada.
Fantasma de la Quebrada1992/09/30Acapulco
Rey Misterio Jr.1992/10/28Aguascalientes
Heavy Metal (Canelo Casas) [2]1993/02/26Mexico City
El Hijo del Santo1993/10/29Mexico City
Ultraman 2000 1996/01/18Tijuana
Vacant in 96/03 when Ultraman 2000 changes identity to Damian 666.
Psicosis [2]1996/02/14Xochimilco
Defeats Super Elektra in 8-man tournament final.
El Salsero1997/02/16Juarez
El Astro Rey Jr.1999/03/22Puebla
Karloff Lagarde Jr.2000/10/23Puebla
Tigre Blanco2001/04/17Mexico City
Dr. X2003/03/11Mexico City
La Mascara2005/05/13Mexico City
Sangre Azteca2006/12/17Mexico City
Valiente 2009/08/16 Mexico City
Polvora 2011/07/15 Mexico City
Titán 2012/09/04 Mexico City
Vacant on 13/03/21 due to injury.
Averno 2013/04/26 Mexico City
Defeats Mistico (Dragon Lee) in tournament final.
Titán [2] 2013/12/01 Mexico City

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