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Comision de Box y Lucha Libre Mexico D.F.
National Middleweight Title

[ Japanese ]

Yaqui Joe33
The first champion.

Octavio Gaona38/02/06Mexico City
Defeats Black Guzman in tournament final.
Firpo Segra38/09/02Mexico City
Black Guzman41/05/12Mexico City
Vacant on 41/12/16 when Guzman wins NWA World title.
Murcielago Velazquez42/04/02Mexico City
Defeats Bobby Bonales in tournament final.
El Santo 43/03/19
Bobby Bonales43/06/11Mexico City
El Santo [2] 43/10/08Mexico City
Tarzan Lopez44/04/01Mexico City
Vacates on 44/04/08 since Lopez already holds World Title.
El Santo [3] 44/05/31Mexico City
Defeats Tuffy Truesdale in tournament final.
Bobby Bonales [2]45/06/01Mexico City
Gori Guerrero45/09/25
Vacates on 46/02/23 upon winning World Title.
El Santo [4] 56/09/14Mexico City
Defeats El Gladiator in tournament final.
Karloff Lagarde61/03/24
Or 63/04/11 in Pachuca.
El Santo [5] 63/06/28Mexico City
Rene Guajardo67/06/22Mexico City
Vacates on 67/07/29 upon winning World Title.
Karloff Lagarde [2]67/12/14Pachuca
Defeats Apolo Curiel in tournament final.
Humberto Garza68/02/25Monterrey
Alberto Muñoz68/10/20Guadalajara
Rene Guajardo [2]69/11/20Guadalajara
Humberto Garza [2]70/05/13Monterrey
Ciclon Veloz Jr.71/04/06Monterrey
Adorable Rubi73/12/14Mexico City
Anibal74/06/28Mexico City
Vacates on 74/09/20 upon winning World Title.
Ringo Mendoza74/11/29Mexico City
Defeats Anibal in tournament final.
Perro Aguayo77/02/28Mexico City
Vacant on 77/03/11 upon winning NWA World Title.
Jose Luis Mendieta77/04/15Mexico City
Defeats Rubi Ruvalcaba in tournament final.
Sangre Chicana77/11/19Mexico City
Vacates in 79/03.
Cachorro Mendoza79/06/08Mexico City
Defeats Sangre Chicana.
El Satanico79/10/19Mexico City
Ringo Mendoza [2]80/06/06Mexico City
El Faraon80/12/05Mexico City
Vacates in 81/04.
Solar I81/05/29Mexico City
Defeats Charro Mendoza in tournament final.
El Satanico [2]81/10/23Mexico City
Lizmark82/02/10Mexico City
Espectro Jr.83/03/03Cuernavaca
Lizmark [2]83/05/28Puebla
Vacant on 83/06/03 upon winning NWA World Title.
Ultraman83/08/12Mexico City
Defeats Aguila Solitaria in tournament final.
Jerry Estrada84/03/02Mexico City
Atlantis84/11/30Mexico City
El Talisman86/03/02Mexico City
Mogur86/11/30Mexico City
El Satanico [3]88/02/07Mexico City
Or 88/01/31.
El Dandy88/09/28Mexico City
Javier Cruz90/01/18Acapulco
Emilio Charles Jr.90/08/30Mexico City
Octagon90/11/20Mexico City
Blue Panther92/07/24Leon
Octagon [2]94/04/30Veracruz
Blue Panther [2]94/05/27 Tijuana
Awarded when Octagon is injured and can't defend the belt.
El Hijo del Santo96/01/26Tijuana
Fuerza Guerrera96/09/15Saltillo, Coahuila
Octagon [3]97/01/29Naucalpan
Abismo Negro98/05/19Tlalnepantla
El Espectro Jr.99/01/27Ecatepec
Mascara Sagrada Jr.99/06/17Toluca
El Espectro Jr. [2]99/07/08Toluca
Pimpinela Escarlata01/04/27Queretaro
AAA Psicosis02/08/13Huamantla
Not the original; stripped for defending against Histeria in a hardcore match on 05/08/03.
Defeats Histeria in 3-month 10-man tournament final.
Octagon [4]06/07/15Torreon
Officially vacant on 08/12/08.

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