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Pre-1990s information last updated on 2011/07/08

1946 - 19731973 - 2010
(as of 2016/04/24)

* An NWA Title after 1952.

El Santo 1946/03/15 Mexico City, MEX
Defeats Pete Pancof in 8-man tournament final.
Jack O'Brien 1947/02/15 Mexico City, MEX
Gori Guerrero 1949/04/29 Mexico City, MEX
Bobby Bonales 1951/07/11 MEX
Recognized by the National Wrestling Alliance after 52/09.
El Santo [2] 1952/09/26 MEX
Blue Demon 1953/07/25 Mexico City, MEX
Karloff Lagarde 1958/01/31 Mexico City, MEX
Huracán Ramírez 1965/08/05 Cuernavaca, MEX
Karloff Lagarde [2] 1965/09/24 Mexico City, MEX
Vento Castella 1967/05/07 Mexico City, MEX
Karloff Lagarde [3] 1967/07/03 Mexico City, MEX
Alberto Muñoz 1971/07/11 Mexico City, MEX
Vacates on 73/10/25.
Mano Negra 1973/12/14 Mexico City, MEX
Defeats Karloff Lagarde.
Blue Demon [2] 1975/06/29 Mexico City, MEX
Fishman 1976/04/09 Mexico City, MEX
Mano Negra [2] 1976/11/19 Mexico City, MEX
Americo Rocca 1979/04/30 Mexico City, MEX
Kato Kung Lee 1980/01/19 Mexico City, MEX
El Supremo 1980/05/04 Mexico City, MEX
Lizmark 1980/06/04 Acapulco, MEX
La Fiera 1981/10/23 Mexico City, MEX
Americo Rocca [2] 1982/07/18 Guadalajara, MEX
Mocho Cota 1984/01/27 Mexico City, MEX
Chamaco Velaguez 1984/07/26 Cuernavaca, MEX
Vacant on 85/07/20.
Dandy 1985/11/17 Mexico City, MEX
Monarca Cruz 1986/04/07 Monterrey, MEX
Dandy [2] 1986/08/24
Javier Rocca 1986/11/02 Mexico City, MEX
Solar II 1988/07/30 Cuernavaca, MEX
Fuerza Guerrera 1988/10/04 Mexico City, MEX
Aguila Solitaria 1989/06/02 Mexico City, MEX
Fuerza Guerrera [2] 1989/09/21 Puebla, MEX
Misterioso 1991/12/06 Mexico City, MEX
Vacant in 92/05 when Misterioso leaves EMLL.
Negro Casas 1995/12/01 Mexico City, MEX
Defeats El Hijo del Santo in 16-man tournament final.
Shinjiro Ohtani 1996/08/03 Tokyo, JPN
Ultimo Dragon 1996/08/04 Tokyo, JPN
The Great Sasuke 1996/08/05 Tokyo, JPN
Ultimo Dragon [2] 1996/10/11 Osaka, JPN
Jushin Thunder Liger 1997/01/04 Tokyo, JPN
El Samurai 1997/07/06 Sapporo, JPN
Shinjiro Ohtani [2] 1997/08/10 Nagoya, JPN
Vacates on 97/11/05.
Dragon Kid 1999/02/06 Nagoya, JPN
Defeats Dr. Cerebro.
Judo Suwa 1999/04/25 Kawasaki, JPN
Ken'ichiro Arai 2000/07/22 Tokyo, JPN
Susumu Mochizuki defeats Arai on 00/12/15 in Kawasaki, JPN, but the title is declared vacant on 00/12/21 because of the outside interference during the match.
Ken'ichiro Arai [2] 2001/01/29 Tokyo, JPN
Defeats Yasushi Kanda in 7-man tournament final.
Susumu Mochizuki 2001/05/27 Kobe, JPN
Ryo Saito 2001/09/30 Tokyo, JPN
Genki Horiguchi 2002/04/28 Kobe, JPN
Declared vacant after a match against Dragon Kid ended in a no-contest on 02/06/23.
Ricky Marvin 2002/07/07 Kobe, JPN
Defeats Super Nova.
Genki Horiguchi [2] 2002/07/24 Kumamoto, JPN
Darkness Dragon 2002/07/28 Shimonoseki, JPN
Vacates on 03/03/21 due to injury.
YOSSINO 2003/03/22 Sapporo, JPN
Defeats Genki Horiguchi; vacates the title on 04/06/20 in order to concentrate on winning the UDG Title.
Hajime Ohara 2006/05/13 Mexico City, MEX
Defeats La Mascara.
Super Delfin 2007/01/20 Osaka, JPN
Hajime Ohara [2] 2007/02/10 Osaka, JPN
La Sombra 2007/11/27 Mexico City, MEX
Mephisto 2009/05/28 Acapulco, MEX
CMLL renames all of its NWA World Title to NWA World Historic Title on 10/08/12.
Cassandro 2011/06/25 London, GBR
Defeats Dr. Cerebro.
Magno 2015/02/15 El Paso, TX
Defeats Cassandro and Bobby Zavala in 3-way match; stripped on 15/04/26 for signing with WWE.
Impostor Jr. 2015/05/31 El Paso, TX
Defeats Bobby Zavala.
Ultimo Samuray 2015/12/06 El Paso, TX
Impostor Jr. [2] 2015/12/25 El Paso, TX
Akantus 2016/04/24 El Paso, TX

* See also NWA World Historic Welterweight Title.