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The 1st
International Wrestling Grand Prix
Championship Tournament

IWGP was held by New Japan Pro-Wrestling in 1983 with two representatives from each of five different zones in the world. The participants included :


Antonio Inoki
The last champion of NWF Heavyweight Title

Killer Khan

The United States

Hulk Hogan

Big John Studd


Andre the Giant

Dino Bravo
Cancelled the tournament because of a family problem; replaced with
Rusher Kimura
The last champion of IWA World Heavyweight Title
3rd place in the Asian regional semi-finals.

Central & South America

UWA World Heavyweight Champion

Enrique Vera


Otto Wanz
CWA World Super Heavyweight Champion

Akira Maeda
European Heavyweight Champion

Tournament Result

A B C D E F G H I J pts.
A: Inoki \ W D W L W W W W W 37
B: Khan L \ L L D C W W C C 24
C: Hogan D W \ W D C W W C W 37
D: Studd L W L \ L D W W C W 25
E: Andre W D D W \ C W W C W 36
F: Kimura L L L D L \ W W C W 21
G: Canek L L L L L L \ W L L 5
H: Vera L L L L L L L \ C L 4
I: Wanz L L L L L L W L \ L 5
J: Maeda L L L L L L W L C \ 14

  • W : win by pin-fall, submission, or knockout (5pts)
  • C : win by count out of ring, disqualification, or forfeit (4pts)
  • D : draw (2pts)
  • L : loss (0pt)

NOTE: Otto Wanz was injured during the tournament and cancelled most of his matches.

Hulk Hogan
(21:27 KO) Antonio Inoki

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