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International Wrestling Alliance
World Heavyweight Title

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Bill Robinson 1968/12/19 Okayama
Defeats Toyonobori in the final of 11-man round-robin tournament.
Thunder Sugiyama 1969/05/19 Sendai
Bill Miller 1971/03/04 Kokura
Strong Kobayashi 1971/06/19 Duluth, MN, USA *
Wahoo McDaniel 1973/11/09 Wakayama
Strong Kobayashi [2] 1973/11/30 Tokyo
Vacates on 74/02/13 when Kobayashi leaves IWE to challenge New Japan's Antonio Inoki.
Bill Robinson [2] 1974/06/03 Tokyo
Defeats Great Kusatsu in tournament final.
Superstar Billy Graham 1974/08/16 Denver, CO, USA *
Mighty Inoue 1974/10/07 Saitama
Mad Dog Vachon 1975/04/10 Tokyo
Rusher Kimura 1975/04/19 Sapporo
Vacates the titlle after being unsatisfied with a match against The Undertaker (Hans Schroeder) on 76/04/13 in Sapporo.
Rusher Kimura [2] 1976/04/22 Sendai
Defeats The Undertaker.
Umanosuke Ueda 1976/06/11 Ibaragi
Title held up after a match against Rusher Kimura on 76/07/28.
Rusher Kimura [3] 1976/07/31 Koshigaya
Defeats Super Assassin, who replaces injured Ueda for rematch.
Alexis Smirnoff 1979/07/21 Niigata
Rusher Kimura [4] 1979/07/25 Mishima
Verne Gagne 1979/11/13 Niigata
Rusher Kimura [5] 1979/11/16 Wakayama
Title retired when promotion closes on 81/09/30.

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