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World Heavyweight Title

Joint Promotions (until 1980)
All Star Promotions (1980s)

Spiros Arion1979
Wayne Bridges1979/12/19London
John Quinn1980/04/21London
Tony St. Clair1982/05/08Hanley
John Quinn [2]1984/02/13Slough
Tony St. Clair1984/03<
John Quinn [3]1984/04<
Wayne Bridges [2]1985/05/20Slough
Vacant in 86.
John Quinn [4]1986/04/12Hanley
Defeats Tony St. Clair in tournament final.
Wayne Bridges [3]1986/09/09
Kendo Nagasaki (Peter Thornley) 1987/09/17Bradford
Wayne Bridges [3]1988/03/28Cheltenham
Vacant in 88 when Bridges retires.

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