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The Records of
AWA World Heavyweight Championship Matches

NOTE: This list may include non-title matches which are to be removed as soon as they are confirmed.

1987 <<

Curt Hennig

01/02Tokyo, JPNTiger Mask (Mitsuharu Misawa) L (11:22 COR)
01/17Oshkosh, WIGreg GagneW (DQ)
01/18Memphis, TNJerry LawlerW
01/23Tomah, WIKevin KellyW
02/04Minneapolis, MNGreg GagneL (?)
02/07Wausau, WIWahoo McDanielL (DQ)
02/16Portland, ORThe GrapplerNC
02/19Las Vegas, NVJerry LawlerW (DQ)
03/19Las Vegas, NVWahoo McDanielW
04/04Memphis, TNJerry LawlerW
04/08Wausau, WIWahoo McDanielW
04/09Sturgeon Bay, WIWahoo McDanielL (DQ)
04/10Racine, WIWahoo McDanielW (DQ)
04/15Mason City, IAWahoo McDanielL (DQ)
05/08Seattle, WAThe GrapplerW
05/09Memphis, TNJerry Lawler L

Jerry Lawler

05/14Las Vegas, NVDennis StampW
05/16Memphis, TNBill DundeeW
05/18Evansville, INBill DundeeW
05/21Nashville, TNBill DundeeW
05/29Memphis, TNDutch MantelW
06/06Memphis, TNCurt HennigW (DQ)
06/12Las Vegas, NVSoldat UstinovW
06/13Memphis, TNCurt HennigW
06/17Dallas, TXTerry TaylorW
06/18San Antonio, TXIceman King ParsonsW
06/19Mesquite, TXIceman King ParsonsW
06/20Memphis, TNIceman King ParsonsW
06/24New Haven, CTCurt HennigW
06/25Jersey City, NJCurt HennigW
06/27Memphis, TNKerry Von ErichD (DCOR)
07/02Dothan, ALAustin IdolL (DQ)
07/02Dothan, ALKen WayneW
07/14Anaheim, CACurt HennigW
07/16Las Vegas, NVCurt HennigL (DQ)
07/18Memphis, TNKerry Von ErichW (DQ)
07/21Johnson City, TNWendell CooleyW
07/22Knoxville, TNDoug Furnas
07/25Memphis, TNKerry Von ErichD (60min)
07/29Columbus, MSEddie GilbertL (DQ)
07/30Tampa, FLKerry Von ErichL (DQ)
08/01Memphis, TNBuddy LandelW
08/08Memphis, TNAustin IdolL (DQ)
08/15Memphis, TNKerry Von ErichW
08/16Louisville, KYKerry Von ErichW
08/20Las Vegas, NVTeijo KhanW
08/22Memphis, TNTommy RichL (DQ)
09/03Medina, OHWahoo McDanielW
09/17Nashville, TN Kerry Von ErichNC
09/19Memphis, TNKerry Von ErichD (DDQ)
09/24Dallas, TXKerry Von ErichD (DDQ)
09/30Memphis, TNRonnie GarvinW (DQ)
10/02Marietta, GATommy RichW (DQ)
10/03Memphis, TNRonnie GarvinL (DQ)
10/15Dallas, TXKerry Von ErichL
Decision reversed afterwards
10/17Memphis, TNTatsumi FujinamiW (35:20 DQ)
10/23Memphis, TNKerry Von ErichW
10/26Evansville, INDutch MantelW
11/12Las Vegas, NVWahoo McDanielW (DQ)
11/14Memphis, TNBotswana BeastW
11/20Memphis, TNPit ViperW
11/24Jackson, TNKerry Von ErichW
11/26Minneapolis, MNWahoo McDanielW (DQ)
12/02Oshkosh, WIGreg GagneL (DQ)
12/05Memphis, TNJimmy GarvinW (DQ)
12/12Memphis, TNKamalaW (DQ)
12/13Chicago, ILKerry Von ErichW
Unifies WCWA World Title to be recognized as the Unified World Champion
12/26Memphis, TNDutch MantelD (DCOR)

>> 1989

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