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The Records of
AWA World Heavyweight Championship Matches

NOTE: This list may include non-title matches which are to be removed as soon as they are confirmed.

1988 <<

Jerry Lawler

01/02 Memphis, TN Dutch Mantell
Stripped on 89/01/20; cotinues to be recognized as the Unified World Champion by the USWA

Larry Zbyszko

02/07St. Paul, MN Tom Zenk (battle royal for vacant title)W
02/18Marshfield, WI Ken Patera
03/04Pittsburgh, PASgt. SlaughterL (DQ)
04/13Prairie Duchien, WIKen PateraW
04/22Shawano, WIKen PateraW
05/20Greensburg, PAWahoo McDanielW
06/23Villa Park, ILGreg GagneD
06/25Hinkley, MNPaul DiamondW
07/08Rochester, MNSgt. SlaughterW (DQ)
07/09Columbus, NEGreg GagneL (DQ)
08/26Rochester, MNSgt. SlaughterW (DQ)
09/02Clinton, IABaron Von RaschkeW (DQ)
10/29Wayne, NJDavid SammartinoW
11/11Berlin, WIBaron Von RaschkeL (DQ)
12/06Toronto, ON, CANSgt. SlaughterW (DQ)
12/16Rochester, MNUnknown Soldier (Masa Saito?)D (DCOR)

>> 1990