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Last updated on 2016/05/21

Australian Heavyweight Title

Prof. William Miller 1880<  
Clarence Wistler 1885/09/26  
Dies in 1886.

Buttan Singh1903/05/02Melbourne
Defeats Gunga Brahm.
Clarence Weber 1906/11/19Melbourne
Vacates in 15 upon retirement.
Billy Meeske1922/11/22Melbourne
Defeats Joe Bailey in tournament final.
Clarence Weber [2]1923/09/01Melbourne
Billy Meeske [2]1926/09/18Melbourne
Joe Dawson1933/03/18Brisbane, QLD
Billy Meeske [3]1933/04/15Brisbane, QLD
Ordered to defend the title at Raychard Stadium in 33 but refuses.
Tom Lurich1933/06/03Sydney
Defeats Bonny Muir to win the Raychard Stadium version after Meeske refuses to defend the title; Eddie Scurff defeats Jim Barlett in tournament final to win the Stadium Limited version in 38 and defend it at least until 41 (Meeske loses in earlier round); Leo Demetral claims the title in 38.
George Pencheff1939/12/09Sydney
Still recognized as champion as of 47; Fred Atkins defeats Leo Demetral to claim the title in 40; Pencheff defeats Atkins on 40/12/07 in Broken Hill to unify the two versions.
Fred Atkins1942/10/10Sydney
Defeats Pat Meehan in round-robin tournament final; Pencheff, also in the tournament, continues to claim the title; Atkins defeats Pencheff on 44/03/18; leaves the country in 49.
Leo Jensen 1952/12/03<
Defends against Bonnie Muir on this day.
Rocky Riley 1953/02/21Leichhardt
Defeats Alf Greer.
George Pencheff [2]1955
Returns from overseas and claims the title.
Baron Von Heczy1957/02/04Adelaide, SA
Kangaroo Kennedy1962/04/14New Castle
Brian Ashby 1965/05<
Larry O'Dea 1965/05/07 Sydney
Billy White Wolf1967/01/28Melbourne
Wins tournament; vacant on 67/02/11 when Wolf wins IWA World title.

National Wrestling Alliance ( 2007/11 - 2016/10 )
All Action Wrestling ( 2008/03 -   )
ZERO1 Australia ( 2012/06 - 2013/12 )
Allied Independent Wrestling Federation ( 2014/09 -   )