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1964 - 1965?1965? - 19671967 -
International Wrestling Alliance
World Heavyweight Title

Killer Kowalski1964/10
Recognized as first champion.
Dominic Denucci1964/11/07Melbourne
Ray Stevens1965/01Sydney
Dominic Denucci [2]1965/01Melbourne
Mitsu Arakawa1965/05<
Mighty Hercules 1965/05/22Melbourne
Killer Kowalski [2] 1965/06/05Melbourne
Spiros Arion 1965/07/31Melbourne
Karl Krauser (Karl Gotch) * 1965Melbourne
Spiros Arion *1965
Killer Kowalski [3]1965/12 Honolulu, HI, USA *
Dominic Denucci [3]1966/02/12Sydney
Toru Tanaka1966/06/03Sydney
Mark Lewin1966/07/09Melbourne
Skull Murphy1966/08/13Melbourne
Bearcat Wright1966/08/19Sydney
The Destroyer (Guy Mitchell) 1966/09/03Melbourne
Spiros Arion [2]1966/10/29Melbourne
Ray Stevens [2]1966/12/02Sydney
Billy White Wolf (Adnon Kaissey) 1967/02/11Melbourne
Killer Kowalski [4] 1967/05/19Melbourne
Tex McKenzie 1967/07/06Melbourne
Skull Murphy [2]1967/08/12Melbourne
Bearcat Wright [2]1967/08/19Melbourne
Killer Kowalski [5]1967/09/01Melbourne
Mario Milano1967/09/08Sydney
King Curtis Iaukea1967/09/30Sydney
Mark Lewin [2]1967/10/13Sydney
Ripper Collins1967/10
Mario Milano [2]1967/10
Killer Karl Kox 1968/01/06Melbourne
Spiros Arion [3] 1968/01/11Melbourne
Gorilla Monsoon1968/02/16Sydney
Spiros Arion [4]1968/03/22Sydney
Baron Mikel Scicluna1968/06/15Sydney
Mario Milano [3] 1968/08/17Melbourne
Toru Tanaka [2]1968/09/20Sydney
Tex McKenzie [2]1968/11/15Sydney
Skull Murphy [3]1968/11/18Adelaide, SA
Bob Ellis1969/02/07Sydney
Killer Karl Kox [2]1969/02/14Sydney
Spiros Arion [5]1969/02/21Sydney
The Spoiler (Don Jardine) 1969/04/04Sydney
Mario Milano [4]1969/05/09Sydney
IWA joins NWA in 69/08 but continues to recognize its own world champion.
Killer Karl Kox [3]1969/09/19Sydney
Bill Robinson1969/10/31Sydney
King Curtis Iaukea [2]1969/12/19Sydney
Dominic Denucci [4] 1970/01/07Sydney
King Curtis Iaukea [3] 1970/04/03Sydney
Stan Stasiak 1970/12/04 Sydney
King Curtis Iaukea [4] 1970/12/13 Sydney
Title retired in 71.

* Replaced with Austra-Asian Heavyweight Title.