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World Heavyweight Title
[World Wrestling Entertainment]

Triple H / Hunter Hearst Helmsley 2002/09/02 Milwaukee, WI
Has defeated The Undertaker on 02/08/26 for a title shot at WWE "Undisputed" title; awarded the old WCW World Title belt by the RAW brand general manager Eric Bischoff after the champion Brock Lesnar is signed to wrestle exclusively for the Smackdown! brand; also defeats Kane, the holder of Intercontinental Title, on 02/10/20 in Little Rock, AR.
Shawn Michaels 2002/11/17 New York, NY
Eliminates Triple H in a 6-man "Elimination Chamber" match against Triple H, Booker T, Rob Van Dam, Chris Jericho, and Kane.
Triple H [2] 2002/12/15 Fort Lauderdale, FL
Bill Goldberg 2003/09/21 Hershey, PA
Triple H [3] 2003/12/14 Orlando, FL
Chris Benoit 2004/03/14 New York, NY
Defeats Helmsley and Shawn Michaels in a 3-way match.
Randy Orton 2004/08/15 Toronto, ON, CAN
Triple H [4] 2004/09/12 Portland, OR
Vince McMahon declares the title vacant because of a controversial match involving champion Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Chris Benoit, and Edge ending in a no-contest on 04/11/29 in Baltimore, MD.
Triple H [5] 2005/01/09 San Juan, PR
Wins an Elimination Chamber match, last eliminating Randy Orton.
Dave Batista 2005/04/03 Los Angeles, CA
Moves to Smackdown! on 05/06/28; vacates on 06/01/10 due to bicep injuries.
Kurt Angle 2006/01/10 Philadelphia, PA
Wins 20-man battle royal, last eliminating Mark Henry.
Rey Mysterio Jr. 2006/04/02 Chicago, IL
Pins Randy Orton in a 3-way match against Angle and Orton.
Booker T. 2006/07/23 Indianapolis, IN
Dave Batista [2] 2006/11/26 Philadelphia, PA
The Undertaker 2007/04/01 Detroit, MI
Edge 2007/05/08 Pittsburgh, PA
Defeats Mr. Kennedy on 07/05/07 to obtain a right to challenge for the title anytime next year; defeats Undertaker right after the title match against Batista; vacates on 07/07/17 due to injury.
Great Kahli 2007/07/17 Laredo, TX
Wins 20-man battle royal.
Batista [3] 2007/09/16 Memphis, TN
Defeats Khali and Rey Mysterio in a 3-way match.
Edge [2] 2007/12/16 Pittsburgh, PA
Defeats Batista and the Undertaker in a no-DQ 3-way match.
The Undertaker [2] 2008/03/30 Orlando, FL
Stripped on 08/04/29 by Smackdown! General Manager Vickie Guerrero.
Edge [3] 2008/06/01 San Diego, CA
Defeats the Undertaker.
C.M. Punk 2008/06/30 Oklahoma City, OK
Vacant on 08/09/07 after Punk is attacked by Randy Orton and others before the title defense.
Chris Jericho 2008/09/07 Cleveland, OH
Defeats Batista, Rey Mysterio Jr., Kane, and John Bradshaw Layfield in a scramble match.
Batista [4] 2008/10/26 Phoenix, AZ
Chris Jericho [2] 2008/11/03 Tampa, FL
John Cena 2008/11/23 Boston, MA
Edge [4] 2009/02/15 Seattle, WA
Replaces Kofi Kingston and wins an Elimination Chambers match against Cena, Mike Knox, Rey Mysterio, Kane, and Chris Jericho.
John Cena [2] 2009/04/05 Houston, TX
Defeats Edge and Big Show in a 3-way match.
Edge [5] 2009/04/26 Providence, RI
Defeats Cena in a Last Man Standing Match.
Jeff Hardy 2009/06/07 New Orleans, LA
C.M. Punk [2] 2009/06/07 New Orleans, LA
Cashes in his "Money in the Bank", which allows him to challenge for any title any time, right after Hardy wins the title.
Jeff Hardy [2] 2009/07/26 Philadelphia, PA
C.M. Punk [3] 2009/08/23 Los Angeles, CA
The Undertaker [3] 2009/10/04 Newark, NJ
Chris Jericho [3] 2010/02/21 St. Louis, MO
Wins an Elimination Chamber match against The Undertaker, John Morrison, R-Truth, C.M. Punk, and Rey Mysterio Jr..
Jack Swagger 2010/03/30 Las Vegas, NV
Cashes in his "Money in the Bank", which allows him to challenge for any title any time, right after Edge attacks Jericho.
Rey Mysterio Jr. [2] 2010/06/20 Uniondale, NY
Defeats Swagger, C.M. Punk, and the Big Show in a 4-way match.
Kane (Glen Jacobs) 2010/07/18 Kansas City, MO
Wins the "Money in the Bank" match earlier on the card and cashes it in to defeat Mysterio right afer Mysterio defends the title against Jack Swagger.
Edge [6] 2010/12/19 Houston, TX
Defeats Kane, Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio in a 4-way match.
Dolph Ziggler 2011/02/15 San Diego, CA
Awarded by the Smackdown! interim general manager Vickie Guerrero due to Edge being disqualified for using the spear in their championship match the previous week.
Edge [7] 2011/02/15 San Diego, CA
Vacates on 11/04/12 upon retirement.
Christian 2011/05/01 Tampa, FL
Defeats Alberto Del Rio.
Randy Orton [2] 2011/05/03 Orlando, FL
Christian [2] 2011/07/17 Chicago, IL
Wins by DQ with a special stipulation in the match.
Randy Orton [3] 2011/08/14 Los Angeles, CA
Mark Henry 2011/09/18 Buffalo, NY
Big Show 2011/12/18 Baltimore, MD
Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson) 2011/12/18 Baltimore, MD
Cashes in his "Money in the Bank", which allows him to challenge for any title any time, right after Big Show defeats Henry.
Sheamus 2012/04/01 Miami, FL
Big Show [2] 2012/10/28 Atlanta, GA
Alberto Del Rio (Dos Caras Jr.) 2013/01/08 Miami, FL
Dolph Ziggler [2] 2013/04/08 E. Rutherford, NJ
Cashes in his "Money in the Bank", which allows him to challenge for any title any time, right after Del Rio defeats Jack Swagger & Zeb Colter in a handicap match.
Alberto Del Rio [2] 2013/06/16 Rosemont, IL
John Cena [3] 2013/10/27 Miami, FL
Randy Orton [4] 2013/12/15 Houston, TX
Reigning WWE champion, defeats Cena to unify both titles.

* Unified with WWE World Heavyweight Title.