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AWA Superstars of Wrestling
World Light Heavyweight Title

Kirby Mack 2005/07/30 Burlington, NC
Defeats Shannon Moore in a tournament final; Dale Gagne (Dale Gagner) has supposedly purchased the rights to the AWA name (not the promotion itself) and started his own promotion in 96; the promoters claims the lineage linked to Verne Gagne's AWA World Light Heavyweight Title.
Xsiris 2006/09/08 Charleston, WV
AWA President Dale Gagne makes the three count when the official referee is knocked out; announced as the champion by Gagne on 06/09/27 while Mack continues claim the title.
T.J. Mack 2006/12/02 Burlington, NC
Defeats Kirby Mack and Xsiris in a ladder match to end the dispute.
Kirby Mack [2] 2007/01/07 Pottstown, PA
Defeats T.J. Mack, Shane Hagadorn, Pelle Primeau, Alex Payne, and Rhett Titus; still champion as of 09/06/30.

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