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Carolina Wrestling Association ( 2007 - 2009 )
Pro Wrestling International ( 2009 -   )
Ultra J Title
(as of 2017/12/30)

Stoney Hooker2007/09/14Statesville, NC
Wins a 12-man tornado match, last eliminating Lee Valiant, to be recognized become the first Carolina Wrestling Association Ultra J champion.
Caleb Konley 2007/12/14 Statesville, NC
Defeats Hooker and Lee Valiant in 3-way match.
Stoney Hooker [2] 2008/05/17 Sharon, SC
Derek Ryze2008/06/27Statesville, NC
Xsiris2009/02/28York, SC
Recognized by PWI in 09; also wins AWA World Light Heavyweight Title, defeating Kibry Mack in a double title match on 10/02/06 in Burlington, NC.
The Chiva Kid (Andrew Everett)2010/10/02
Xsiris [2]2010/12/18
Caleb Konley [2]2011/05/07Burlington, NC
Eddie Edwards2012/06/09Eden, NC
The Chiva Kid [2] 2013/02/22Gibsonville, NC
Trevor Lee2014/02/08Gibsonville, NC
Lance Lude2014/06/07Gibsonville, NC
Ethan Case2014/10/18Gibsonville, NC
Cedric Alexander 2016/04/30 Gibsonville, NC
Chet Sterling 2016/08/28 Thomasville, NC
Logan Easton LaRoux 2017/07/14 Fairfax, VA
Andrew Everett 2017/12/30 Gibsonville, NC