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American Wrestling Association
World Light Heavyweight Title

Mike Graham 1981/06
Buck Zumhofe 1983/06/19 Hamburg, MN
Bobby Heenan defeats Zumhofe several times but is not given the belt after missing the weight limit by few pounds.
Steve Regal 1984/03/25 St. Paul, MN
Buck Zumhofe [2] 1985/11/28 St. Paul, MN
Vacant in 86/07 when Zumhofe is sent to prison.
Mike Graham * 1988<
Jim Backlund 1988/12 Tampa, FL *
Recognized as the sixth champion by FMW in Japan but not by AWA; may have defeated Graham for the title.
Lee Gak-soo 1990/04/01 Tokyo, JPN
Vacant in 90/09 when Lee quits FMW; Buck Zumhofe is recognized as champion by AWA after defeating Johnny Stewart on 90/08/11 in Rochester, MN, but his title is retired when AWA closes in 91.
Katsuji Ueda 1990/09/25 Nagoya, JPN
Defeats Jim Backlund.
Jim Backlund [2] 1990/11/05 Tokyo, JPN
Ricky Fuji 1991/05/29 Tokyo, JPN
Mark Starr 1991/08/24 Tokyo, JPN
Katsuji Ueda [2] 1991/08/31 Chiba, JPN
Dr. Luther 1992/03/23 Saitama, JPN
Renamed WWA World Martial Arts Junior Heavyweight Title in 92/04; Luther loses the title to Katsuji Ueda on 92/09/07 in Saitama, JPN; title retired in 93.

* See also AWA World Light Heavyweight Title (AWA Superstars of Wrestling).