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Last updated on 2014/01/18

NWA Texas Tag Team Title

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* Also referred to as "Southwest" title after 62/05.

Ivan Kalmikoff & Jack O’Reilly # 1951/01/22 Abilene, TX
Promoter attempts to have the State Wrestling Commission to recognize the title, but the result is unknown.
Rito Romero & Miguel Guzman 1953/11/24<  
Billed as champions in El Paso, TX; still champions as of 1953/12/22.
Ramon Torres & Lee Grable 1954/05<  
Chris Tolos & John Tolos 1954/05/25 El Paso, TX
Still champions as of 54/07/06.
Tom Renesto & El Diablo face Mario de Sosa & Leo Numa for the vacant title on 54/08/31 in El Paso, TX (result unknown).
Ricky Romero & Eric Rommel 1961/10/04 Lubbock, TX
Defeat Tony Borne & Nick Roberts in tournament final.
Nick Roberts & Stan Kowalski 1961/11/16 Amarillo, TX
Stan Kowalski & Black Jack Daniels 1962/01/18 Amarillo, TX
Kowalski defeats Roberts when the team splits and selects Daniels as new partner.
Dory Funk & Ricky Romero 1962/02/03
Nelson Royal & The Viking (Bob Morse) 1962/03/23 Borger, TX
Dory Funk & Ricky Romero [2] 1962/05/10 Amarillo, TX
Gene Kiniski & Fritz Von Erich 1962/07/19 Amarillo, TX
Dory Funk & Ricky Romero [3] 1962/10/18 Amarillo, TX
Mike DiBiase & Fritz Von Erich 1963/01/31 Amarillo, TX

* Replaced with North American Tag Team Title.

* Special thanks to Kriss from Amarillo Wrestling Wiki.

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