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Southern States Wrestling
Heavyweight Title
(as of 2016/09/21)

This title is controlled by one of those independent promotions that does/did not post its match results consistently. Please do not expect frequent updates or more detail/accuracy for this page. If you have additional information for this title, please send in!

Tennessee Equalizer1991/02/16Elizabethton, TN
Defeats George Hiatt to become first champion.
Skyfire1991/07/12Kingsport, TN
Stan Lee1991/10/31Kingsport, TN
Wayne Rogers1992/07/07Fall Branch, TN
G.Q. Stratus1993/01/08Fall Branch, TN
Jimmy Golden1993/03/30Weber City, VA
Wayne Rogers [2]1993/07/23Fall Branch, TN
Mike Samson1994/02/26Morristown, TN
The Mongolian Stomper1994/05/06Fall Branch, TN
Vacant in 94/09 upon retirement.
Chic White 1994/10Fall Branch, TN
Defeats Tennessee Equalizer in tournament final.
Steve Flynn1995/01/06Fall Branch, TN
Mike Samson [2]1995/03/21Fall Branch, TN
Steve Flynn [2]1995/08/11Fall Branch, TN
Iron Man1995/10/07Fall Branch, TN
Eddie Bruiser1996/01/19Fall Branch, TN
Tennessee Equalizer [2]1996/03/01Fall Branch, TN
Danny Christian1996/09/02Fall Branch, TN
K.C. Thunder1996/10/05Fall Branch, TN
Dan Cooley1997/01/31Shawsville, VA
Stripped on 97/04/09.
Steve Flynn [3]1997/05/02Fall Branch, TN
Defeats Frank Parker in tournament final; stripped on 97/09/01 when he fails to appear for a scheduled title defense.
Johnny Thunder1997/09/01Fall Branch, TN
Wins vacant title by pinning Otto Schwanz in a tag team match.
The War Machine [2]1997/10/25Fall Branch, TN
Defeats Johnny Thunder, Steve Flynn, and Ricky Harrison in a 4-corner match.
Ricky Harrison1997/12/13Mountain City, TN
Buddy Landel1998/04/10Fall Branch, TN
Beau James1998/04/10Fall Branch, TN
Ricky Harrison [2]1998/04/17Fall Branch, TN
Beau James [2]1999/01/16Kingsport, TN
Iron Cross1999/06/05Kingsport, TN
The War Machine [3]1999/10/07Johnson City, TN
Tracy Smothers2000/03/03Saltville, VA
Iron Cross [2]2000/09/09Kingsport, TN
Stan Sierra2001/01/15Kingsport, TN
Brian Overbay2001/01/26Kingsport, TN
By default.
Steve Phillips2001/01/26Kingsport, TN
Brian Overbay [2]2001/02/10
Awarded by reverse decision.
Ricky Harrison [3]2001/06/01Kingsport, TN
Beau James [3]2001/12/25Kingsport, TN
Defeats Ricky Harrison on 02/02/27 in Kingsport, TN to unify Appalachian Title.
Heinrich Von Keller2002/07/01Kingsport, TN
Stripped on 02/09/01 when he is suspended for attacking a local television sponsor.
Jesse Taylor2002/10/15Kingsport, TN
Defeats Beau James in tournament final.
Scotty McKeever2003/12/25Kingsport, TN
Jesse Taylor [2]2003/02/01Beaver, WV
Robbie Cassidy2003/05/09Greeneville, TN
Jesse Taylor [3]2003/07/07Kingsport, TN
Brad Batten2003/09/04Kingsport, TN
Beau James [4]2003/10/01Kingsport, TN
By default.
Ray Idol2004/01/01Kingsport, TN
John Noble2004/08/07
Awarded when SSW and Championship Wrestling split; Idol is awarded National Title by CW.
Beau James [5]2004/10/03Kingsport, TN
Danny Ray2005/03/25Kingsport, TN
Title inactive after SSW leaves NWA Bluegrass in 05/01.
Wayne Adkins 2008/09/27 Kingsport, TN
Defeats Ryan Dookie in tournament final.
K.C. Thunder 2008/11/27 Kingsport, TN
Vacant in 08/12.
Cody Ices 2009/01/09 Kingsport, TN
Wins a 15-man rumble for vacant title.
Ray Idol [2] 2009/10/19<
Frank Parker 2010/02/26 Kingsport, TN
Ray Idol [3] 2010/06/18 Kingsport, TN
Frank Parker [2] 2010/11/25<
Sometime after 10/09/18; also defeats Beau James on 10/11/25 in Kingsport, TN to win Television Title; still champion as of 11/06/06.
Ray Idol [4] 2011/07/17 Mt. Carmel, TN
Frank Parker [3] 2011/11/24 Mt. Carmel, TN
Beau James [5] 2012/07/15 Mt. Carmel, TN
Eric Darkstorm 2012/09/29 Mt. Carmel, TN
Kyle Matthews 2013/11/03 Mt. Carmel, TN
Eric Darkstorm [2] 2013/11/29 Mt. Carmel, TN
Vacant in 14/04.
Kyle Kool 2014/04/18 Rogersville, TN
Defeats Ray Idol in tournament final.
DeAndre Jackson 2014/09/27 Kingsport, TN
Still champion as of 15/06/27.
Vacant as of 16/06/08.
The Iron Cross 2016/07/09 Gray, TN
Defeats Frank Parker.