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Southern States Wrestling
Young Guns Television Title ( 2000/08 - 2012/02 )
Tennessee Heavyweight Title ( 2012/02 - )

(as of 2014/07/14)

Mike Cooper2000/08/10Kingsport, TN
Danny DeLuccie2000/10/30Kingsport, TN
Allen King2001/02/10Kingsport, TN
Ray Idol2001/05/01Kingsport, TN
Allen King [2]2001/08/11Kingsport, TN
Andy Douglas2001/10/01Kingsport, TN
Allen King [3]2002/01/01Kingsport, TN
Ray Idol [2]2002/02/28Kingsport, TN
Awarded title via forfeit when King is fired from the promotion.
Rick Karloff2002/10/25Kingsport, TN
Awarded title via forfeit when Idol suffers a knee injury.
Ray Idol [3]2002/12/28Kingsport, TN
Beau James2003/01/24Kingsport, TN
Bunkhouse Buck2003/07/20Kingsport, TN
Title inactive after 03/10.
Eric Darkstorm 2004/04/23 Greeneville, TN
Awarded; title may be inactive after SSW leaves NWA Bluegrass in 05/01.
Wade Adkins 2008/06/06<
Chase Owens 2008/09/27<
Still champion as of 08/10/25.
Nick Hammonds 2008/11/14<
Bulldog Mac 2010/06/10<
Wrecker Rollins 2010/06/26 Kingsport, TN
Beau James [2] 2010/11<
Frank Parker 2010/11/25 Kingsport, TN
SSW Heavyweight champion wins in a double title match; still champion as of 10/12/01.
Ray Idol [4] 2011/03/19<
Scott Sterling 2011/06/04 Kingsport, TN
Renamed Tennessee Title in 12/02.
D'Andre Jackson 2012/09/29 Mt. Carmel, TN
Still champion as of 12/12/03.
Nick Hammonds 2013/03<
Jake Booth 2013/03/16 Elizabethton, TN
Joe Briggs 2014/04/20<  
Jake Booth [2] 2014/09/26<  
Sometime after 14/07/14.

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