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Championship Wrestling Alliance
National/United States Heavyweight Title

CWA National Heavyweight Title ( 2004/08 - 2008/04 )
AWA National Heavyweight Title ( 2008/04 - 2009 )
CWA National Heavyweight Title ( 2009 - 2010/11 )
CWA United States Heavyweight Title ( 2010/11 - 2011/02 )

Ray Idol2004/08/07Kingsport, TN
Reigning SSW Champion, awarded the National Title when SSW and CW split.
Alyx Winters2005/01/22Kingsport, TN
Tom Prichard2005/04/23Kingsport, TN
Alyx Winters [2]2005/05/28Kingsport, TN
Ray Idol [2]2006/04/01Greeneville, TN
Wins a battle royal when Winters is injured and unable to defend the title.
Thorn2006/07/29Kingsport, TN
Ray Idol [3]2006/12/30Kingsport, TN
Steve Fury2007/06/16Kingsport, TN
Defeats Alyx Winters, subbing for an injured Idol.
Robbie Cassidy2007/12/08Kingsport, TN
Recognized by American Wrestling Affiliates after 08/04.
Thorn [2]2008/06/14Kingsport, TN
Declared vacant on 08/07/16 when a match against Robbie Cassidy in Kingsport, TN ends with a double pinfall.
Alyx Winters [3]2008/07/26Kingsport, TN
Defeats Wayne Adkins, Robbie Cassidy, and Steve Fury in a 4-man ladder match.
Robbie Cassidy [2]2008/10/11Kingsport, TN
Ordered to vacate the National Title on 09/06/13 since Cassidy also holds World Title.
Alyx Winters [4]2009/06/13Kingsport, TN
Defeats Tony Givens; again recognized as a CWA title when AWA closes in 09; renamed United States Title in 10/11; vacant on 10/11/25 when a match against Jason Kincaid ends with a double pinfall in Gray, TN.
Alyx Winters [5]2010/12/25Gray, TN
Defeats Kincaird in rematch.