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IWA Heavyweight Title ( 2000/11 - 2001/01 )
PWF Heavyweight Title ( 2001/01 - 2001/07 )
PWF Universal Heavyweight Title ( 2001/07 - 2012/06 )
PWF Unified Heavyweight Title ( 2012/06 - 2013/10 )
PWF Heavyweight Title ( 2014/05 -   )
(as of 2017/02/17)

Rapid Fire Maldonado 2000/11/09 Reading, PA
Defeats Dylan Night in a one-night 8-man tournament final tobecome the first International Wrestling Association champion.
J.D. Powers 2000/12/14 Reading, PA
Psycho Bitch # 2000/12/14 Reading, PA
J.D. Powers # 2001/01/19 Reading, PA
Awarded by the commissioners decision; becomes Pennsylvania Wrestling Federation Title in 01/01.
Steve Corino2001/02/16Reading, PA
Dylan Night2001/03/15Pottstown, PA
Becomes Premier Wrestling Federation Universal Title in 01/07.
Nova2001/08/15Pottstown, PA
Dylan Night [2]2001/09/19Pottstown, PA
Defeats Nova & Steve Corino in a tag team match, teming with Ty Street.
Johnny Kashmere2001/11/15Pottstown, PA
Dylan Night [3]2001/12/13Pottstown, PA
Steve Corino [2]2002/02/24Pottstown, PA
Vacates on 02/05/05 due to injury.
C.W. Anderson2002/05/05Pottstown, PA
Defeats Chris Hamrick.
Chris Hamrick2002/07/14Pottstown, PA
Rockin' Rebel2002/10/13Pottstown, PA
Chris Hamrick [2]2002/11/01Reading, PA
Defeats Rebel and Rapid Fire Maldonado in a 3-way match; forfeits title on 03/02/09 due to no-show.
Steve Corino [3]2003/02/09Pottstown, PA
Defeats Mikey Whipwreck.
Justin Credible2003/02/09Pottstown, PA
Steve Corino [4]2003/03/16Pottstown, PA
Justin Credible [2]2003/05/16Queens, NY
Low Ki2004/02/08Fall River, MA
Vacant when Low Ki is awarded the newly created Pro-Wrestling World-1 Open Weight Title, which would be eventually retired.
Chris Hamrick [3]2005/09/16Philadelphia, PA
Defeats Josh Daniels to win the reinstated Universal Title; vacant in 06/01.
Sam Shields 2011/12/04 Jackson, NJ
Defeats Steve Corino; also wins WORLD-1 North American Title from Corino in the same match.
Steve Corino [5] 2011/08/13 Philadelphia, PA
Ryan Bisbal 2012/05/05 Providence, RI
With Corino's Universal Title and Bisbal's Northeast Title on the line, both men score a simultaneous pinfall on each other and walk out winning their opponent's respective title; defeats Corino for Northeast Title on 12/07/02 in Providence, RI to become the PWF Unified champion.
Todd Hanson 2012/11/03 Providence, RI
Defeats Brisbal and Jason Blade in 3-way match.
Jason Blade 2013/02/22 Providence, RI
Vacant when PWF Northeast closes in 13/10.
C.W. Anderson [2] 2014/05/16 Hubert, NC
Defeats Mr. Wrestling 3.
Chris Rockwell 2014/07/11 Hubert, NC
Reigning WORLD-1 champion, defeats Anderson in a double title match.
Cedric Alexander 2014/09/20 Raleigh, NC *
Jagger 2015/03/20 Hubert, NC
King Corino (Steve Corino) [6] 2015/05/22 Hubert, NC
Defeats Jagger, C.W. Anderson, and Emanuel Bodega in 4-way match.
Tommy Rich 2015/07/31 Hubert, NC
Vacates on 15/12/24.
Anthony Jannazzo 2015/12/27 Hubert, NC
Wins battle royal, last eliminating Zane Riley.
John Skyler 2017/02/17 Hubert, NC