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PWF Northeast Heavyweight Title

Billy Black 2002/02/23Plainfield, CT
Defeats Chris Venom in a tournament final to become the first champion; held up after a match against Chris Venom on 02/11/02.
Chris Venom 2002/11/15 Woonsocket, RI
Defeats Black in rematch.
Kid Krazy 2003/08/16 Plainfield, CT
Johnny Curtis (Fandango) 2004/02/07 Webster, MA
Kyle Storm 2004/03/27 Webster, MA
Johnny Curtis [2] 2004/04/10 Webster, MA
Vacant on 04/05/07 when Curtis no-shows the scheduled defense.
Billy Black [2] 2004/06/01 Webster, MA
Wins a 4-way match against Ebony Blade, Jason Blade, and Jose Perez.
Jose Perez 2004/09/24 N. Providence, RI
Jason Blade 2005/02/11 Providence, RI
Triplelicious 2005/08/06 Quincy, MA
Jason Blade [2] 2005/09/17 Clifton, NJ
Triplelicious [2] 2005/12/17 Quincy, MA
Defeats Jason Blade and Mayhem champion Ebony Blade in a tournament to become the unified PWF Mayhem champion.

Brandon Locke 2010/11/07
Reigning NECW champion, recognized as PWF Northeast champion after NECW closes on 10/11/06; again recognized as NECW champion in 11/05.
Johnny Hayes 2011/08/13 Providence, RI
Locke continues to be recognzied as NECW champion.
Dave Cole 2011/10/21 Providence, RI
Wins a 4-way match against Hayes, Ryan Bisbal, and Bob Evans.
Ryan Bisbal 2012/02/18 Providence, RI
Steve Corino 2012/05/05 Providence, RI
With Corino's Universal Title and Bisbal's Northeast Title on the line, both men score a simultaneous pinfall on each other and walk out winning their opponent's respective title.
Ryan Bisbal [2] 2012/06/02 Providence, RI
Reigning Universal champion, defeats Corino to unify both titles.

* See PWF Unified Heavyweight Title.